Why do many people think it is very easy to learn PHP?

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Php Chinese network (www.php.cn) provides the most comprehensive basic tutorial on programming technology, introducing HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, C, PHP, basic knowledge of MySQL and other programming languages. At the same time, this site also provides a large number of online instances, through which you can better learn programming... Reply: PHP is easy to deploy and has fewer concepts (the official team also tends to blur various concepts and drive people to learn PHP programming with intuition ).
Why is PHP simpler than Java and C? Java and C have a similar feature, that is, they provide many concepts without prompting you how to use them.
For example, the pointer of C. You can use a pointer to implement a dynamic array, you can use it to record the callback function, or point to a struct. Okay, you can do this. what then? Why? Beginners may be confused. he doesn't understand the relationship between these things and the spreadsheet management software he wants to implement.
For example, Java. There are classes that inherit interfaces. What is the relationship between combined code and code reuse with the spreadsheet software I want to do?
However, the idea of PHP is completely different. it shows you how PHP is used, but does not explain these concepts. I think this is a good guide for new users, because programming is the same thing. after all, it is used to solve problems, and it does not help learning because it is stuck with concepts. Because PHP is generally run in a Linux system, there is no thread concept, basically no need for the attacker to manage the memory. In addition, PHP provides many practical built-in functions, especially for processing strings and arrays, which provides a lot of convenience for Web development and better code writing.
In addition, although PHP can also be used to develop client software such as web servers, it is mainly used for Web Development. the application environment is relatively simple (less involving underlying operations, this is also related to the original design intention of PHP), so it may be easier than the underlying language C.

PHP is generally run in Linux, and there is no thread concept = "I am wrong. PHP can operate the process through extension.
PHP can also be used to develop client software such as web servers = "I want to say that PHP can also do anything except web scripts. it can implement underlying operations through extensions, such as the sockets module.

After this change, will it be accurate? If you have written a mistake, please point it out. I am willing to modify it myself. Is it interesting to disable comments anonymously? When I was invited for the first time, I wrote something. as a review of myself, my presentation skills are limited. please forgive me.

I think that when people are in touch with things that match their own ways of thinking, they will have an inexplicable sense of intimacy, some feature of PHP determines that it does not conflict with the thinking methods of many beginners (for example, weak types, process-oriented and object-oriented, etc ..). to put it bluntly, the learning threshold is not high. in this way, beginners will easily feel a certain sense of accomplishment in the PHP learning process. after their initial sense of accomplishment, they will be willing to learn this thing. with this intention, we will not give up this thing easily (I am talking about beginners here ).

As far as I know, PHP currently has a variety of open-source projects and open-source frameworks (thanks to programmers who are naturally fond of making their own wheels .), this provides a wealth of learning resources for beginners and beginners. of course, the quality of these various projects is indeed uneven, but who did not rely on others' code when learning a program? As beginners learn more and more knowledge and experience, they will naturally generate their own opinions on the code they have read before.

Some people mentioned above mentioned that PHP is easy to deploy, and this feature does bring great convenience to beginners. it allows beginners to focus on learning programming. some may say that beginners may encounter many problems during deployment. I do not deny this, because I also helped many beginners solve the problem of building an apache + php + mysql environment in the early stage (the xampp and other suites were not as convenient and easy to use now ). even if beginners spend a little more time building the environment, they don't have to worry about compilation or deploy when they really start learning to write code.

Of course, learning PHP is simple, not that PHP does not need to learn much. due to the widespread use of PHP in web development, the content irrelevant to the back-end language in web development must be known, such as the HTTP protocol, HTML, MYSQL, and so on... although in the eyes of Daniel these things are Mao Yu, but in the eyes of beginners, these things are still quite complicated. however, you don't need to worry about these things when you are new to PHP. of course, you don't need to care about these things at the beginning of learning other languages :)

With the subsequent study and practice, there are more and more problems, and there are still many things to learn. for example, study the source code of PHP like @ Laruence, and analyze the real causes of various strange bugs. it depends on C again. in addition, the various macro extensions in the PHP source code are not as easy to understand as C.

It seems that there are some biased questions... let's say so much ....

In fact, I 'd like to look at Laruence @ Laruence's point of view because PHP generally uses Running in Linux without the concept of a threadBasically, the attacker does not need to manage the memory. In addition, PHP provides many practical built-in functions, especially for processing strings. Array-relatedIt provides a lot of convenience for Web development and makes code better written.
In addition, PHP can also be used for development. Client software such as web serverBut it is mainly used for Web development, and the application environment is relatively simple (less involving underlying operations, which is also related to the original design intention of PHP ), so it may be easier than the underlying language C.

Really awesome.
People probably think it is very easy to learn PHP because all the PHP engineers are at this level? Easy to learn,
I think it is simple, but what you do with it is simple,
C ++ and java are complete systems, and the learning curve is steep and complex,
However, PHP is a script or an API, which is more convenient to use.
A lot of people write PHP programs with functions, but the code is terrible.

The real PHP is a set of systems, including c/c ++ or java.
I have never heard of scripting language learning.

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