Why does a command line exist in Linux?

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A newbie who just came into contact with Linux may ask, why is there a command line in the Linux World? This problem may also plague many Linux enthusiasts. In fact, you have not learned the command line in detail. When you try it several times, you may sigh that there is such a magical thing in the world.

Currently, graphical operations on Linux are quite mature. A variety of graphic management programs can be used in Linux to change the table pattern and menu functions. However, you cannot ignore the command operations of Linux Command lines. In the Linux World, command line commands are the soul and essence of the entire Linux operating system. Only by learning and mastering Linux Command lines can we truly master Linux and become a Linux master.

Before learning the command line, we must first understand that the command line can help you access hundreds of tool software. At the same time, in the Linux Command Line, you can use a pipeline to combine the tool software to execute the work that a single tool cannot do.

Why use command line

When a beginner Linux user faces a Linux system that lacks a graphical interface, many people complain: why should we stick to the command line? Why not use a user-friendly GUI? In fact, the graphic interface is indeed efficient and simple in some aspects of the task, but in the face of some tasks, the graphic interface is far from enough. For example, batch installation and batch file processing.

Linux is a text-driven operating system that allows you to perform command interface operations. Compared with the graphic interface, the command interface can save a lot of physical memory space and avoid a dense list under the graphic interface. At the same time, the command interface can complete complex operations. Of course, we can also understand the graphical interface as the graphical shell of the command line.

Important Functions of Linux Command Line

Compared with the graphic interface, the Linux Command Line is the true core of the Linux system. You can use the command line to configure the system, to be proficient in and successfully manage the Linux operating system, you must have an in-depth understanding of Linux Command lines. The command line in Linux helps beginners understand the running status of the system and various computer devices. For example, the central processor, memory, disk drive, various input and output devices, and user files are all run under Linux system management commands. It can be said that the Linux Command Line plays a core role in running the entire system and coordinating between devices and files.

In recent years, the trend of personal computers has shifted from command line to graphical interface. Users are also keen on graphic interface applications. However, Linux Command Line is still the core application for server applications and high-level use. This depends on the operations on the Character interface with better stability and security.

To sum up, Linux Command lines are essential system management tools for beginners of Linux and an authentic Linux hacker. Remember that the command line is not just a command. It is a tool and needs to be installed.

Why is there a command line in the Linux World?

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