Why don't windows Phone users like to escape?

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"Jailbreak" (jailbreak), which has nothing to do with the famous American drama "Jailbreak", means that by cracking, users gain full control over smartphone hardware to install richer applications and even use unofficial customized operating systems. Why would there be a smart-phone jailbreak? We have to start with the iphone.

While iOS is also known as the OS X for iphone, Apple has deliberately shut down some API interfaces to the operating system to ensure that the iphone's users experience fluency and the security of their mobile systems, as well as the protection of their brand identity and application ecological benefits, So that third-party applications can only operate in a limited interface and authorization, the most representative is the custom UI (System icon, interface, unlock mode, etc.), input method, and most important, application installation channels strict restrictions. Of course, this is partly because of fears of infringing on other's intellectual property. And before the iphone's smartphone, there is hardly a particularly obvious jailbreak concept, the operating system has almost opened all the Open interface, which led to the advent of the iphone, directly to the past smartphone operating system, in the user experience, stability, security, and even aesthetic taste of the dwarf. Of course, in particular, it is not a concept that often comes together as a jailbreak and Unlock, which is an illegal act that destroys the entente by breaking the binding across the operator.

Although the current prison break is legal in the United States, the jailbreak is not just equal to absolute freedom, there are a range of users to take the risk. And, by escaping the use of pirated applications, it is illegal and immoral in any country.

So is it necessary for all users of the smartphone operating system to escape?

A free lunch from prison

The temptation to jailbreak a lot of users comes from apps free. Use third party software to obtain root permissions, remove the original firmware restrictions to unlimited installation of third-party applications. In short, enjoy a free lunch outside the App store. The hunt for free psychology is understandable, but the reason for free as a breakthrough to the ecological bottom line of mobile operating platform is not justified. Even if many users are accustomed to this way of thinking, and the jailbreak itself is legal, it would be improper to use the jailbreak to create a permanent free lunch.

And even for applications that are free, because of the large number of free apps available in Windows Phone's marketplace application market and the "Free Trial" feature for many paid applications, the reason for the jailbreak for Windows Phone platform "free apps" is even less tenable.

Customized followers

In addition to free access to applications, many Windows Phone platform users choose to jailbreak because of the lack of personalized customization features, thereby choosing to get root permissions to achieve personalized customization. Such users tend to pay for a third-party escape from the official ecology, such as the barrel plugin under the iOS platform Cydia. Although users can get barrel plug-ins from many free channels, there are a number of users who choose to pay for the purchase, and become a personalized follower.

How do you guide users to the idea of a jailbreak when the current jailbreak is widespread and is taken for granted by many users?

The escape ecology of "welfare" and risk coexistence

If users want to break out to enjoy free and personalized service, then we define this behavior as a way to get "benefits", but this way of getting benefits is often accompanied by risk. This risk manifests itself in two aspects, one of which is the failure of the jailbreak process. Many users are facing a failure to escape the problem, resulting in the mobile phone finally turned into a complete "bricks." In addition, imperfect jailbreak usually causes the operating system to crash frequently because of the application and the Operation platform compatibility problem, brings inconvenience to the user normal use.

Security problems derived from jailbreak ecology

The Windows phone platform strictly restricts the software and hardware ecology in order to ensure the consistency of the user experience, but jailbreak behavior may directly break the full user experience. This is because in the Windows Phone's ecology, the application is very restrictive, unable to access the information at the bottom of the operating platform, to ensure that the user's information security. But in the escape ecology, the application can be unscrupulous in the user is not aware of the operation platform to invoke the underlying information. At the same time, viruses and malicious programs in the official application of the ecological strict audit of the situation repeatedly hit the wall, but in the escape of the ecological authority of excessive openness, but also to the virus and malicious programs to provide an opportunity.

For example, the Open Source foundation of the Android operating platform allows application developers to easily access all the hardware that might be installed on the phone via apk files, including GPS chips, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular radios, digital cameras and other less-common options. It also supports APK file requests to authenticate certificates, write external storage, subscribe information, and send permanent processes. This is to expose the user's information in an intangible.

Support Genuine consumer behavior habits

Compared to other mobile platforms, Windows phone has the ability to cultivate a user's potential genuine consumer habits. This is because in the Windows Phone application ecosystem, the vast majority of applications and games are priced fairly cheaply, users can get a full version of the user experience with a small amount of cost, and in this way to support developer development work, develop a healthy consumer behavior. After all, the escape from the moral and legal aspects of the weak.

At the moment, the Apple store's average application price remains above $4 trillion, with only two-thirds of apps under $2, compared with more than three-fourths of the current marketplace on Windows Phone, which remains at $2.

Thorough and after-sale repair insulation

Under normal circumstances, users in the use of the process, the mobile phone encountered software and hardware problems can be solved through after-sales service channels. But in the escape ecology, if the jailbreak users encounter problems in the use, in the absence of brush back to the official version of the situation, users will be insulated with normal after-sales service. In this case, most users will choose the informal maintenance channel to solve the problem, which also gives the user mobile phone's normal service life to shorten the potential to provide.

Authentic user experience in the official ecosystem

According to some of the pursuit of personalized custom users of the way of thinking, jailbreak can indeed enrich the user's personalized needs, such as the current Windows Phone does not support the screen-cutting function, there are indeed a lot of homemade applications can be run on the jailbreak device. But this behavior destroys the original user experience. For example, under Windows Phone platform, the core of the Metro UI dynamic Magnetic paste (Live Tile) is a concept of the operation is not customizable, many users have to do this on the basis of forced injection of the folder function, to some extent, this personalized customization is essentially a kind of redundancy, after all The 6 big hub of Windows phone is an extension of the folder concept.

In addition, although many mobile operator platform providers have adopted a tacit attitude towards escaping the ecology, but they are in the concept of escape from the ecology of the official ecological user experience to improve the space, in this way to improve the mobile operating platform features and user experience, then in this case, users still have reason to escape it?

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