Why is the current pc share getting smaller and smaller, but the web Front-end technology is so hot, is it because of the demand of mobile terminals?

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The background technology is so hot that the web is still less than Android and iOS, where is the logic? The background technology is so hot that the web is still less than Android and iOS, where is the logic? Reply content: I will not be fooled by any front-end spring
Learn not to fill chicken soup

First, it's not about having fewer and fewer PC shares
However, PC shipments are getting fewer and fewer
Relatively, mobile device shipments are increasing.
The quantity of shipments indicates the current demand of devices.

This indicates
PC market saturation
Mobile market is not saturated yet
The saturated market does not require Web development.
It also needs

Because the total amount of basic accumulation is still
(You will never buy a PC for a few months)
It takes time for this total attenuation.

However, emerging mobile markets also need
While new demands are slowing down
The total amount is still
Demand and total amount on the other side increase rapidly
Mobile terminals also need some Web to assist the App
Therefore, the web Front-end may be used only in the PC era.
Suddenly it was not enough to multiply new demands.

In addition, Web Front-end development is generally dirty and tiring.
Relatively low entry threshold
But few are willing
Few can do well.
Good people
After so many years
The interview (theory, technical system, etc.) threshold has been raised relatively high
The advantage of low entry threshold no longer exists
As a result, many people seem to be involved.
Not many people actually can use it.

As a result, the front-end shortage seems to be caused by the fact that our company (souche) usually has more than a dozen front-ends. The main task is to do two major tasks:

1. Mobile Terminal. 2. management background.

Mobile terminals include some common h5 pages, but there are also many complicated web apps in the form of hybrid.
Management Background. Most of them are single-page webapps.

The main technical solutions are angularjs and react (some businesses ).

Now we also try to use react on some common h5 pages and try to reconstruct the hybrid written in angularjs to react-native.

In fact, big physical fitness finds a tip of the development trend of the front-end.

Now, I have seldom asked some questions that I would have asked a year ago. How should I arrange them? How to Adapt? How to organize css? Now it seems too basic, and the model is also very mature. I don't need to think too much about it. Now, the front-end thinking is expanding, in engineering, in diversity, and in solving complicated problems. You don't have to be confused, but keep up with the pace of development. It's not that the world is getting too fast, but that you are not tight enough. Now that you have entered such a trap, you can do it in a down-to-earth manner.

Relatively speaking, ios and background technical iterations are very slow, and there will be less distress in this aspect, but I don't think it's boring. Many background development projects were developed in year 34, it still seems boring if else is used to write mvc with spring. In fact, the pc share is not getting smaller and smaller, but ordinary consumers gradually shift from pc to mobile. With the rise of o2o, a large number of commercial systems in traditional industries are deeply integrated with the Internet, and the demand for R & D of complex web applications on PCs is on the rise. This is a very good time. The front-end does not have to worry about pages, and began to go deep into the development of applications (web apps. The experience of this large product is becoming more and more important. The front-end ushered in a real spring. I don't fully agree with YU Bo's answer next, although I admire this guy.
WEB is the product of the times, and there will always be a disappearing day, such as the Pentium mmx cpu design, but the idea will not be outdated. The same is true for PCs. If Mobile can complete the complex work that can be done in PCs now, the PCs can disappear in minutes at any time. But the truth is, I'm afraid it may be difficult in a few years, but it's not a problem? For example, a mobile phone replaces a bpserver for several years.

The rendering, control, and Event Driven systems that were born from the WEB should not disappear for the time being. It cannot be replaced within a longer period of time.

To this end, the front-end, including HTML, CSS, JS, or other control scripts, is rarely applied on Mobile. However, Concept can present the design ideas it represents on Mobile at any time, such as what Angular2 and React do now.

For this reason, it is not a problem to disappear the Web on the PC that you care about. What is important is that the disappearance of the technical ideas behind the WEB is almost impossible.
These include:
Control Flow, parallel control system, Renderer, etc.

__________________________ Not gorgeous split line __________________

I would like to answer the Challenge in the comment
In essence, the analogy between mobile phones and bpservers is subordinate to a system called the Von noiman machine. It is not hard to find that their composition is almost the same. In fact, the disruption is not a matter of fact. They only develop and evolve this system. First, the chips become stronger and power-saving. Therefore, we developed mobile phones from the bpserver, then smartphones, PCs, laptops, and various pads from a huge computer.

Back to the question, as an external communication tool, front-end output is always needed. In the past, it was a tape, a line of words on the screen (BP), and some simple charts, by now, all kinds of colorful 3D are very difficult to understand. For this reason, you can check the previous Java GUI, Windows MFC, Markup or Markup, but XML or other formats, controllor or Controller (not to mention the Controller of MVC here). Sometimes it is C ++ or JAVA. First, it is JavaScript, and of course there is OC. Renderer still needs to generate a rendering tree with a separate thread, sometimes Partial Render or Full Render.

The reason is that the devices are changing, and the replacement or improvement of devices is not necessary, but the above concepts have not changed.

It is a paradox that mobile phones and PCs are completely incomparable. You can open your phone and check that the components in the phone correspond to those in the PC.
It may be said that I am talking about the problem of the form of presentation, but please note that in any row, the content larger than the form is the eternal topic. The Higher the Higher Level, the more attention it pays to content than the form. At the same time, the more attention it pays to abstraction.

At the same time, the form issues. If you develop from the abstract presentation of the Web, I think you are also an outstanding engineer in the mobile phone industry. This can be explained in this way, what you care about is not whether you will write Java, OC, or JS. What's important is that you know Berlin Noise when you are faced with a bunch of gorgeous fires from your boss, when you get stuck, you know whether you have added too many things to the Events Queue or which Work Load is stuck with the Main Thread.

The rest, I don't think, is the engineer's topic.

Please hurry and try again ~~~ First of all, the number of PCs has not been reduced. Home Entertainment search documents and enterprise offices will not be reduced due to the rise of the mobile Internet. The demand for the other web Front-end is strong, and the content is king. Today, the web is destined to have a lot of space. It is undeniable that Android and Apple have also promoted its development to a greater extent. As for web development, which is more popular than Android and Apple, I personally think it is to be verified. However, the fact is that the advanced web Front-end is really hard to find the front-end. No one was dedicated or even absent from the front-end, it is done by the back-end. Now the web capability is getting stronger and more professional, so it is easy to get started and proficient in difficult front-ends. It has become a seemingly sought-after hacker, but it has been recruited by senior personnel, difficult! I especially hope that one day everyone will naturally agree that the front-end is the implementer of human-computer interaction, rather than js coder. There are already a lot of people going forward at the front end, but few people are going forward at the front end. As a front-end engineer, there are two concepts: missing people and lack of excellent people.
I used the company's Zhilian account to collect statistics and search for "front-end" and program applicants such as php and java. There were not many candidates.
The so-called lack of people is short of excellent talents. A good front-end is equivalent to meeting the team's support. The general front-end is equivalent to finding a stumbling block for the team for two reasons:

1. the more "terminals", the more front-end workloads, such as reduced pc volume and increased mobile volume. For the company's products, the overall traffic may not increase, however, when you need to create both pc and mobile pages, the front-end workload increases.
2. the running environment of front-end Code provides more and more APIs. html5, es6, and other concepts can all be understood as this, so the functions that the front-end can carry are increasingly enriched and heavier, the requirements for the entire front-end development process are also higher (that is, "write page" in the past), so the workload is also an increasing process.
3. companies and products are growing

These three points are the reason why front-end demand is getting stronger and stronger. You should be able to answer your questions at 1st points.

PS, I know too little about the two. Why is it missing...
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