Widows vs. Linux for stealth files and non-stealth files

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Widows vs . Linux for stealth files and non-stealth files

for windows , it itself has some hidden files, in order to prevent some novice accidentally the computer's main files deleted, there is a few you do not know the back door.

Some of our classmates will use it for this. features do some privacy things? For example, some files do not want the wife to see, for this can do a bit of action.

Apart for first:

in this picture, we can see that on the desktop there is a picture named 3 can click on the picture right button to view the properties

Click Hide, then apply OK, the picture on the desktop disappears

How to show hidden pictures??

Open the local computer, find the tool, click Folder Options , view, the button containing the hidden file display

for Linux It also has hidden files and non-hidden files, then how do we look at it,

we go to view under the Linux platform

Input: Ls

input : ls-a

What difference do they have,

the difference lies in the first line . ..

whether there is a difference between a hidden file and a non-hidden file . Start

View All: Ls-a

See all start with point : ls-d. *

Widows vs. Linux for stealth files and non-stealth files

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