Wiley Publishing SQL Server 2005 treasure

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Wiley Publishing SQL Server 2005 treasure

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A new generation of data management and analysis software

Today's organizations face a number of unprecedented data technology challenges: The high level of data and system distribution across the enterprise, the ability to provide continuous access to relevant data for internal employees, target customers and partners, and the arming of information workers with effective information to promote scientific decision-making To control cost levels without sacrificing application availability, security, or reliability.

The design goal of the new edition of SQL Server is to help enterprise units address these challenges. As the next generation of Microsoft's data management and analytics software, SQL Server 2005 helps streamline the creation, deployment, and management of enterprise data and analytics applications, and enables significant improvements in solution scalability, availability, and security.

SQL Server 2005 built on the benefits of SQL Server 2000 provides an integrated information management solution that can help organizations of any size:

    •  Create and deploy enterprise-class applications that are more scalable, reliable, and secure.
    •  Reduce the complexity of database application creation, deployment and management to maximize it efficiency.
    •  Enhance developer performance with a rich, flexible, modern development environment that allows you to create more secure database applications.
    •  data sharing across a wide range of platforms, applications and devices simplifies the connection of internal systems to external systems.
    •  Achieve powerful integrated business intelligence solutions to drive scientific decision-making and improve productivity across the enterprise.
    •  control cost levels without sacrificing performance, availability, or scalability.

second, the development efficiency

A key factor that has long hindered the productivity of developers is the lack of integrated tools for database development and debugging. SQL Server 2000 enables a high degree of integration with Microsoft Visual Studio to help eliminate these barriers. SQL Server 2005 will provide additional improvements that are expected to fundamentally alter the way database is developed and deployed. SQL Server 2005, with rich Extensible Markup Language (XML) support features and highly integrated with. NET technology and Microsoft development tools, will certainly lead to a significant increase in developer productivity and flexibility.

Improvements to developer productivity are mainly reflected in the following areas:

    • • Improved tool means are available. Developers will be able to use a single development tool for Transact-SQL, XML, Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), and analytic XML (XML/A). A high degree of integration with the Visual Studio development environment helps improve the development and commissioning efficiency of professional and business intelligence applications.
    •  Extended language support is available. Developers can rely on common language runtime (CLR) attributes based on the database engine from including Transact-SQL, Microsoft Visual Basic. NET and Microsoft Visual C #. NET in a variety of database application development language to choose one of their most familiar. CLR managed attributes will apply to user-defined types and functions, and build on this to enhance the developer's flexibility. In addition, the CLR will create valuable opportunities to accelerate database application development with third-party code.
    • xml and Web services. Improved features such as XQuery and native XML data types help organizations seamlessly connect internal systems to external systems. SQL Server 2005 provides local support for relational and XML data, enabling enterprise units to store, manage, and analyze data in the format that best suits their needs. Support for existing and emerging open standards such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), XML, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), XQuery, and XML Schema Definition (XSD) will also facilitate the exchange of information across an expanding enterprise system.

Third, enterprise data management

    in today's ubiquitous world of network interconnection, you must provide users with data and data management systems wherever they are. SQL Server 2005 will help users and IT professionals in your organization benefit from significantly shortened application downtime, enhanced scalability and performance, and robust and reliable security controls. SQL Server 2005 will also include new and improved features that help organizations and IT staff improve their productivity. SQL Server 2005 built from a gigabit (TB) data Warehouse to a mobile device running Microsoft SQL Server Windows CE Edition (SQL Server CE) based on the flexible technical approach provided by SQL Server 2000 Support for a range of solution implementations. The major improvements in

    SQL Server 2005 for enterprise data management are reflected in the following areas:

    •  availability. Investments in high-availability technologies, complementary backup and recovery capabilities, and replication enhancements will help enterprise units create and deploy highly reliable application solutions. Innovative, highly available features such as database mirroring, failover clustering, and improved online operations minimize downtime and help ensure that critical enterprise systems are ready to accept access calls.
    •  Flexibility. Scaling improvements such as table partitioning, snapshot isolation, and 64-bit support will allow you to use SQL Server 2005 to create and deploy the most demanding applications. Partitioning of large data tables and indexes greatly improves query operations for very large databases.
    •  Safety. Enhanced features such as default security settings, database encryption, and improved security models help provide a high level of security for enterprise data.
    •  Easy management. The new management tools suite, self-tuning capabilities, and powerful new programming model will allow database administrators to flexibly control the daily operation of the database. Improvements to SQL Profiler and other tools also help the database administrator tune the server to the best performance state. These improvements will allow the database administrator to be free from the daily operation of the database and focus on more valuable tasks such as database architecture design.
    •  Interactive operation ability. The technical advancements in SQL Server 2005 implementation allow you to consolidate and connect relatively standalone applications and databases across an expanding enterprise, maximizing the investment benefits of new and existing systems. SQL Server 2005 provides a high level of support for industry standards, Web services, and the Microsoft. NET framework, and enables interoperability with multiple platforms, applications, and devices. SQL Server is highly integrated with other Microsoft software products, from the Microsoft Windows server operating system to Microsoft Visual Studio development packages and Microsoft Office applications. and help your organization to save time and money by using collaborative technology.

Wiley Publishing SQL Server 2005 treasure

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