Will Windowsvs. Linux users jump out of the comfort zone?

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Article Title: Will Windows users jump out of the comfort zone. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.

CNET technology news network July 14 international report on which operating system gives you peace of mind? Windows, Mac, or Linux? Consumers' emotional attachment to a certain operating environment often determines their purchasing preferences, and may also determine whether Google Chrome can compete with Windows?

For Chrome, the current situation seems unfavorable. After all, in the consumer-oriented desktop computer field, especially the low-cost Netbook market, Google Chrome and other Linux operating systems won little hope.

Market research firm iSuppli reported last Friday that the Chrome operating system will trigger Google's fight against Microsoft. The following arguments echo the opinions of many analysts.

Matthew Wilkins, iSuppli computer platform research analyst, said: Linux has a low penetration rate in the netbook market, not because of any technical disadvantages, but because most netbook buyers are consumers, they are not very familiar with the main participants in the operating system market, but follow the brands they are familiar. For PC, Microsoft is the most familiar brand.

The report pointed out that if Google wants to successfully break into the netbook, it must improve its brand's position in the eyes of consumers, so that consumers with low technical level can purchase netbooks equipped with non-Microsoft operating systems with peace of mind, but this is a huge challenge.

Simply put, it is not easy to lure people out of the original comfort zone, especially the Linux operating system as an alternative.

However, the comfort zone is changing. If consumers spend more time on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, or use a lot of Internet services such as Google search, Gmail, and Google Docs, it will take a while, their comfort zone may shift from Windows to other operating environments.

However, what will be the catalyst for this kind of transformation? A well-known and well-received Brand (such as Google) provides an attractive netbook with many new features, along with reasonable prices, it is possible that consumers are no longer attached to Windows.

A charming Apple iPhone is a successful iPhone. However, only companies with large scale and strong innovation need to abandon the usual interface and embrace a new environment. Such as Apple or Google.

The development in the next 12 months is worth noting. it is expected that mobile devices using ARM processors and non-Windows operating systems will gradually increase. In the long term, this is beneficial to Chrome. Last week, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm executives revealed they are building chips supporting Chrome, and Intel also said it will work with Google. However, Chrome is suitable for arm processors.


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