Win7 iis7.5 Request object error ' ASP 0104:80,004,005 '

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Today in the WIN7 test ASP program, the upload file is too big to upload error prompts, I thought my program out of the question, limited the upload size.

However, I did not find any errors in the program when I checked it several times. Finally, Baidu helped me solve the problem. The following text was found: Win7 Configure IIS server How to release 200k limit of upload

Windows7 a lot of people have been used, like to tinker with the site presumably also opened IIS used to debug their own web site, but Win7 adopted is IIS7, interface and set up methods and XP, Win2003 very different, how to modify the limit upload file size of the problem is quite a struggle, Most of the data found on the Internet is for XP and Win2003, Win7 there is no MetaBase.xml this file.

An article said: "Double-click ASP in IIS – Open the Configure ASP should be a program's properties"-Expand the restriction properties; Modify the "Maximum request entity principal limit" value, the default value is 200000; change it to the size you want to modify ", I follow the sample to finish the gourd, or not!"

Boring to study the site background error message, which refers to the "request filtering ...", the desktop Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager does not have a "request Filter" configuration? Open look, inside sure enough great article, click on "Edit function settings" can see here and " Request Restrictions ", modify the following:" Maximum allowable content length ", the default is 30M, arbitrarily change a little bigger, I changed to 300M, click" OK ", restart IIS, upload try, 50M, 90M can be.

To summarize the previous modifications, the 200k upload limit in the Win7 IIS configuration is divided into two steps:

The value of "Maximum request entity principal limit" is modified from ASP configuration;

The value of the allowed maximum content length is modified from the request filtering configuration. These two steps should be in no separate order.

Another article said it was modified: Open the Windowssystem32inetsrvconfigschema folder on the partition where the system is located, and then open the Iis_schema.xml lookup with Notepad and modify the value 30000000. But I did not succeed in the results of the test, the administrator of the super User login to modify, save the prompt does not have permissions, the file is read-only, always cannot modify the file properties, so I personally think this approach is not suitable for the general user. The following is my every step of the screenshot, there is a basis for a look to understand, can not understand the combination of words to explain it.

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