Win7 System open Web page prompt application has been blocked by Java security how to do

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Win7 System open Web page prompt application has been blocked by Java security how to do

The specific methods are as follows:

1, complete the Java version update, and then refresh the problematic page page to exclude Java version problems caused by Java security blocking;

2, from the Start menu to open the Control Panel, we need to enter the control Panel to modify the corresponding configuration;

3, access to the Control Panel, in the Control Panel to find the Java option, if you can not find the way to view the switch to large icons or icons can be;

4, in the Java Control Panel to open the security options, and find the exception site list;

5, open the Java Control Panel to edit the list of exception sites, we need to run Java script on the Web site to add to this list;

6, will need to run Java Script site to add to it, and the pop-up security warning click to continue;

7, to add the site to determine, and then the Java Security Configuration for application can be;

8, reopen the Web page or refresh the Web page, the "application has been blocked by Java security" prompts will not appear again.

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