Windows Server R2 Install SQL Server 2012

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Windows Server - R2 Installing SQL SERVER

First, Environment Preparation

1. Server Preparation

server name IP:, operating system : Span style= "font-family: ' The song body '; font-size:14px;" >windows server  2008

server name ip:, operating system (X64) : windows server  2008  r2 , memory at least 4g above

Note: Test the environment, turn off all firewalls and Windows Automatic Updates, download cn_sql_server_2012_enterprise_edition_x86 _x64_dvd_813295 Enterprise Edition, key : SQL Server corporate Core Edition : Fh666-y346v-7xfq3-v69jm-rhw28

2. Install the necessary plugins

   w65 server Installation sql SERVER The operating system needs to be installed server R2 SP1 patch (Windows Server R2 Service Pack 1 patch suggested download, note x64/x86, This example uses installation time is about 30 minutes, the server needs to be restarted :


W65 Server Installation Framew 3.5 SP1 components,Windows Server R2 Feature Pack directly installed

Second, Start Installation Deployment

1. run SQL SERVER installation package setup.exe, select "Install"-"New SQL Server Standalone installation or add features to an existing installation, click OK

2. Check the dependent components, notice if there is an error, and exclude dependencies according to the error

3. Enter the corresponding version of the key and click "Next"

4. SQL SERVER Network automatically update the relevant patches, click "Next"

5. Set roles, feature installation, test convenience here, select all, default storage share path, next

6. Configuration instance, default instance / storage path

7. Specify the service account and collation, where the default settings are selected. If you need to customize the configuration after the installation is complete, click "Next"

8. on The Database Engine configuration page, specify the server configuration authentication as the default "Mixed authentication Mode", "Add current User" as the administrator of SQL Server , and set the password to 12345678 . You can also specify the default database file storage path for that instance in the Data Catalog tab. Click "Next".

9. Similar configurations are made on the analysisServices Configuration page and in the Database Engine configuration page. Click "Next".

10. on theReporting Services Configuration page, select the default settings and click Next.

11. "Add current User" as the administrator of the distributed replay controller. Click "Next".

12. specify the appropriate controller and database directory for the distributed replay client. Here, with the default configuration, the controller name is not filled in. Click "Next".

13. The other is the default next, and finally click Install, installation time is about five minutes, need to restart the server!

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Windows Server R2 Install SQL Server 2012

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