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Windows Phone 7 is very hot recently, Windows Phone 7 marketplace is also very hot, developers want to take advantage of marketplace in the number of applications is not much time to seize the commanding heights. I believe we all know how to publish software in marketplace, I just combined the official process of Microsoft to write out my experience and lessons, hoping to save the developer's time. After all, the test failed once, will delay 3-4 days, similar software may seize the opportunity.

As for the marketplace application account, my experience may not give you any substantive help, so please refer to Jake Lin's article "registered Windows Phone Marketplace Experience":


The first step: compiling XAP

Visual Studio 2010 will automatically generate XAP files after each compilation, and you can find them in the bin directory of the engineering files, and remember to build a release version. Submitting the debug version can cause a lot of unexpected errors.

Before compiling XAP, remember to replace two files: Background.png (173x173) and Gamethumbnail.png (64x64). Replace these two pictures with pictures that are related to your software theme, and never use the default images provided. The length and width of these two documents are limited and we will explain them in detail later.

Step two: Prepare to release the information

Many developers think that when they have finished writing the program, they can publish it by compiling the XAP. In fact, it is not so, recommend that you do before submitting, or carefully read Microsoft's "APP Hub Application Submission Walkthrough":


The following is a list of the documents that I have summed up, and you can check them by item:

1. xap files (release version, replaced Background.png and Gamethumbnail.png)

2. Application name (must be marketplace unique, so be prepared for renaming)

3. Application title (shown in the marketplace and Start menu, preferably not more than 16 characters)

4. Detailed Description:

Describe the main functions of the software, how to use and so on. For Chinese developers, if you use Chinese in your software interface, you must explain it in the first place in the description and provide two descriptions in English and Chinese.

5. Keywords (user-friendly search, do not explain more)

6. APP Tile

Software icon, three dimensions of the same picture: 173x173,99x99,200x200. Picture size must be a specified format, the system will not do for you to cut, so be prepared in advance, save when you get mad. The picture must be in PNG format.

7. Background Art

Optional, the background image in the Zune application, size 1000x800, can improve the software's appeal.

8. Screenshots

Software screenshot, at least one, up to 8 pieces. Size is 480x800. Because to vertical display software screenshot, so the horizontal screen display software to consider good countermeasures.

9. Software Price


1, it is recommended to put the above mentioned information in a folder, the text will be placed in a text. Because the submission should be modified, stored in the text for easy to save and record;

2, three sizes of app tile filename saved as 173x173.png,99x99.png, 200x200.png;

3, the Background.png (173x173) and Gamethumbnail.png (64x64) mentioned in the first step should be consistent with the files of the app tile corresponding sizes.

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