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Windows Phone 8 will use the same NT kernel as Windows 8, which means that WP8 will probably be compatible with WIN8 applications, and developers can make apps run on two platforms with little change. Windows Phone 7.x will not be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 due to kernel changes. Windows Phone 8 is compatible with all Windows Phone 7.5 applications, but all native programs of Windows Phone 8 cannot be run on Windows Phone 7.5 and are one-way compatible.

In order to maximize compatibility with Windows Phone 8, WP8 development needs to use the visual Studio (VS11) integrated development environment that supports Metro applications, and must run on Windows 8 to appear in the Metro Application template.


PC Development required System Windows 8, must be 64 bits

Installation order

Windows 8--visual Studio 2012--sdk, in addition to system, development environment and Toolkit best English version

Development language

All languages use the win RT framework, and all Metro programs are based on this framework, which provides program models, sensors, multi-language, graphics, multimedia, networking, security authentication, and more.

1..NET Framework (C #, VB) in C # is still the mainstream, compared to other development languages easier to get started learning. NET language is a well-designed object-oriented language, used in the enterprise is also very extensive, write procedures more rigorous, and business seamless connection, if you want to migrate to Windows 8,. NET is also more convenient.

2.c/c++,c++ can also be used to write Metro, adding some extended syntax and win RT convergence, but can still use the traditional C + + class libraries such as STL, while C + + can directly access the partial win AP, including most direct X and multimedia functions. C + + facilitates the development of high-performance games, multimedia applications.

Unzip, double-click Wpexpress_full.exe installation.

1. Run up first and see how the experience

Build a default Windows Phone project, you can change the name Ah, location ah, solution name, and so on, this set up with you ha!

Here's an example of a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder:

The general trend, Lumia 520 are sold, with 8.0 bar, black update has pushed Oh!

2. This is the original project.

On the left is the XAML design preview, what you see is what you get, drag a control over it, and the shell has it;

In the middle is the XAML code, the preview complements each other, writes the code to return, the preview has, after the control, the Code also has;

Right is the solution, are some files, see a picture introduction.

A picture introduction

Well, there's a simple introduction, not running, itching in the heart, choose a simulator

After a cup of tea time, well, the simulator started, into the application!

You can use the right mouse click, point, drag a drag, analog single finger touch, feeling is a card Lumia 520,

Note that the simulator can not log into the Microsoft account, you may play network with other accounts to ha! [Please focus on the application development, play to play the real machine, 6-inch screen is enjoyable ~_~]

Finally, to sum up, the development of Windows Phone 8 application threshold is very low, with Java Foundation, C language has seen, and quickly move to MSDN download vs.

Not finish speaking ...

Machine configuration requirements: To support the virtualization of the CPU, support Hyper-V of the U, Intel I series, AMD have to check.

At least 4G of memory, 2G in VS Update4 installed reluctantly driven, skip card, please use 4G to develop it, are already standard!

Hard disk space, to have psychological preparation, load vs where there is no space, give 20G to expand later, in fact, as long as the 8G or so on the line.

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