Windows platform bugfree3.0.3 build experience (Nginx+php+mysql+bugfree+runhiddenconsole)

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Before the Windows Server Management, my understanding also stopped in the personal user operating system cognition, this time to build bugfree environment, quite a lot of trouble;

Before the installation, I Baidu's Bugfree build mostly uses the XAMPP integration environment installation method, then I do:

Download XAMPP, then install to System C drive, Basic fool-type installation, then open Control-panel, install Apache, MySQL (PHP included in Apache), because this system already has MySQL service and Apache service running, I'm not sure who's using the service, so I changed it here. Apache Port for 81,mysql Port is 3308, PHP.ini and phpMyAdmin configuration changed the installation path and MySQL port number, in the middle of a bit of a messy situation occurs, the overall configuration has not changed the reason, no longer repeat.

Then follow the online tutorial and so on, download Bugfree to HotDocs, start the service, found Bugfree unexpectedly undetectable mysql?!!! What the heck? Already have AH ~ ~

Start looking for problems start thinking is the configuration file may not modify the port, find a lot of configuration files, all 3306 are changed to 3308, but the egg, but start phpMyAdmin is available, I manually created a index.php, which wrote the phpinfo and connection MySQL test function, found the problem, this PHP connection database is not connected to the ~, do not know why, and then I see phpinfo found that there is no PHP mysql this module ~? Only Mysqli and Mysqlndt these two things, Originally XAMPP automatically integrated PHP version is 7.3 The latest, and PHP really has been weakening MySQL this module, the default is commented out, to 7.3 This version of ext this extension library there is no mysql.dll, but bugfree3.0.3 Using the MySQL detection method is required for this extension can be, I try to use the Mysqli and PDO method, but bugfree there is no detection, so I realized that the integration environment is really not good, not free, can not control the software version, change the routine!

I decided to install the software manually, using NGINX+PHP5.6+MYSQL build environment, simple not to repeat, nginx configuration: In my local modified listening port added index.php default Delete location PHP comments, modify the root path of the paging file:

Client_max_body_size 10M;

#这个是打开后期上传文件的大小限制, the default is not set to 1M or 2M forget ... It's not much.

server {        listen        81;        server_name  localhost;          #charset  koi8-r;         #access_log    logs/host.access.log  main;        location /  {            root   c:/ program/nginx1.10/html;            index   index.php index.html index.htm;        }      &NBSP, ..... Omit ....        location ~ \.php$ {    here          root        &nBsp;  html;            fastcgi_pass;             fastcgi_index  index.php;             fastcgi_param  script_filename  c:/program/nginx1.10/html$fastcgi_script_name;             include         fastcgi_params;        }

PHP installation, is the decompression process, php.ini need to open the MySQL extension php_mysql.dll, the other because later to import the database, so modified the size of the upload file limit upload_file_xxxx and the value of the post_max_size two parameters;

MySQL installation using the default port 3306, but also basically a fool-like installation, configure a password to the end of the child;

3306 service operation is normal;

Download RunHiddenConsole.exe, is the background running a console, copy two copies, respectively, in the Nginx and PHP directory

Create files Start.bat and Shutdown.bat in the Nginx directory, start content is:

@echo Offecho Start_nginx.batecho starting PHP c:/program/php5.6runhiddenconsole php-cgi.exe-b Php.iniecho starting c:/program/nginx1.10runhiddenconsole nginx.exeExit

------------------------------Gorgeous split-line---------------------------

Shutdown content is:

@echo Offecho Stop_nginx.batecho stopping nginx...taskkill/f/im nginx.exe > Nulecho stopping PHP fastcgi...taskkill/ F/im php-cgi.exe > Nulexit

Note: Tasklist is similar to Linux PS command, Taskkill is the kill process command, here you need to modify the Nginx and PHP path, don't forget this

Must be placed in the Nginx and PHP directory in ~ ~ Otherwise can not start Oh ~ now test the PHP and MySQL connection bar in Nginx ~,index.php content: 

I have a test here, success!. The problem of the classmate to check the connection between PHP and MySQL to see if Phpinfo has MySQL and configuration of whether there is a problem, after the decompression phpmyadmin put to the root of the web, which is used to manage the database, I download the default is the authentication mode, No, it's not. Modify configuration file configuration, change authxxxx to cookie mode, user name password is mysql user and password

Next download Bugfree, extract bugfree to the root of the page file, create a folder bugfile in the sibling directory, and then configure the appropriate permissions, note that the Windows platform uses Nginx Web and Bugfree when Be sure to modify a configuration of bugfree, otherwise the path is similar to the c:\program\nginx\html/bugfree/xxxx/xxx slash is two directions, special pit, I also get a half-day will not, ask someone else PHP development only know, reason or do not understand, However, it will be modified to comment out this part of the/protected/config/main.php code: (/* XXX */Multiline comment)

 ' Urlmanager '  => array  (' Urlformat '  =>  ' Path ', ' Showscriptname '  => false, ' rules '  => array  (' <type:\\w+>/<id:\\d +>/<action:\\w+> '  =>  ' info/edit ', ' <type:\\w+>/list/<product_id:\\d+> '  = >  ' Info/index ', ' <type:\\w+>/<id:\\d+> '  =>  ' info/edit ', ' <controller:\\w+ >/view/<id:\\d+> '  =>  ' <controller>/view ', ' <controller:\\w+>/<id:\\d+> '  =>  ' <controller>/view ', ' <controller:\\w+>/<action:\\w+>/<id:\\d+> '   =>  ' <controller>/<action> ', ' <controller:\\w+>/<action:\\w+> '  =>  ' <controller>/<action> ',), 

Then you can visit the ~, if there is a visit to Bugfree index.php jump Index.php/site/login 404 situation, so solve ~!

Import the database when there is a pit, if the Bugfree export database is a ZIP compression format, when the import does not go in the time to try to extract the file, and then use the MySQL client source (the size is limited, modify Nginx configuration see above, PHP two parameters configuration , see above OK), otherwise it will always fail.

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To win a war, you need to fight a lot more times.

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Windows platform bugfree3.0.3 build experience (Nginx+php+mysql+bugfree+runhiddenconsole)

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