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Wordpress learning-plugins-001,-plugins-001. Wordpress learning-plugins-001,-plugins-001plugins-plug-in Akismet (AutomatticKismet) is a widely used spam message filtering system by WordPress founder wordpress learning-plugins-001,-plugins-001


Akismet (Automattic Kismet) is a widely used spam message filtering system. its author is Matt Mullenweg, the founder of the famous WordPress. Akismet is also the default plugin installed by WordPress and is widely used, the design goal is to help blog websites filter messages spam. With akismet, you don't have to worry about spam. Akismet, which is used by most wordpress blogger, can be used on multiple blog platforms, not only WordPress, but also MovableType and PixelPost. The mechanism is simply to say that after Akismet is enabled, after receiving a message, pingback, or trackback, the blog automatically submits the message to Akismet and compares it with the Akismet blacklist, if it is listed in the blacklist, the message or trackback will not be published. of course, to avoid misjudgment, the information will not be deleted immediately, it is saved for further manual judgment by the blog manager. Generally, this period is 15 days, that is, within 15 days, the blog manager can restore it. once this period expires, it will be deleted. When a blog manager marks it as Spam, the Akismet server will also update the content to add it to the Akismet blacklist, that is to say, this blacklist is maintained by a large number of blogs.

Install Akismet
By default, the Akismet plug-in is available for WordPress Download. you do not need to download Akismet for installation. However, you must register an account on the WordPress official website to obtain the API Key of the WordPress official website. Input the key to the options provided by the plug-in. if you are installing the Akismet plug-in for WordPress Mu, you can edit the Akismet plug-in and define a constant named WPCOM_API_KEY in the plug-in, assign the value of this key to it, and then activate this plug-in throughout the site. 2Akismet version
Automatic Analytics provides two different versions of Akismet, one of which is the personal version. we are now using a free trial, and the other is the commercial version, it is used by people or business customers who can earn $500 from their blogs. the commercial version provides better services and has no restrictions. 3Akismet usage
How can I apply for Akismet? here, we will talk about the Free Application for the personal user edition. First, open the list of installed plug-ins in the background of your blog, and click "register an Akismet API key" next to Akismet to go to the official website, click "sign up for aksimet" and go to the Akismet package selection page. There are three packages for you to choose from. The first package is USD 50/month, the second is USD 5/month, and the third is USD/year. Please pay attention to the free user application. you need to select the third package: $/year. click the sign up button below it to enter the application information filling interface, drag the plan slider to the left to 0. Enter your name in the email address used to receive the API key. Click "continue submit". if you see "Your Akismet subdomains is now active" on the "Done" page, the application is successful and you can enter the email address you just entered, akismet has sent you an email with the API key authorized to you ). The content is roughly like this: Thanks for choosing Akismet to protect your blog from spam. ============================================ getting started = ========================================== Your Akismet API key is: * *********** To activate Akismet in recent versions of WordPress: 1. go to the Plugins tab of your WordPress wp-admin dashboard.2. Find the Akismet plugin. click the Activate link if it's not already active.3. Go to the P Lugins-> Akismet Configuration tab.4. Enter your API key 4f64b02bc4f0 in the box.5. Click the Update Options button. copy the key in the email and return to your blog background. The use of Akismet here is to configure your Akismet. To make it work for your blog, you have to configure it. open the plug-in list, find Akismet, and click the setting link to go to the Akismet configuration page. in the Akismet API key column, in the input box, paste the copied APIkey from the preceding email here and click Update Settings. the configuration is complete.

Ins-plugin Akismet (Automattic Kismet) is a widely used spam message filtering system. its author is the founder of the famous WordPress...

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