Worrying app factory security (a weak password affects overall security)

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Worrying app factory security (a weak password affects overall security)

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Mobile Internet Enterprise Application Alliance

The company's products include client app clients, cloud stores, and other management services. All of the content mentioned here has fallen !! Including the main site

Use a weak password for a website. But by observing and understanding the business in depth, we can find that this is not the case.

First, there are a lot of background functions. What can I do?

Audit Customer:

Replacing the apk file of the app package and the QR code for promotion is convenient for horse farming.

No function!


Agent is a good thing

Most beautiful but mobile cloud management features


What's more, the user name and password can be used to directly log on to the response app cloud for management. Hey

Now, push the message and change the homepage,

Modify offline branch merchant Information


A huge supply and marketing network! It's also a huge botnet.

Client usage statistics

Too many functions and beautiful pictures. I dare not watch them.

-------------------- Change your taste and try a fresh one ------------------------

Main Site, substation shell

What you said

Is it because of others ~


You can have snacks ~~~

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