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In order to facilitate viewing the release of software to Marketplace, record reprinted maning blog Windows Phone Marketplace release strategy reprinted address: http://www.cnblogs.com/aawolf/archive/2010/12/17/1909266.html? Login = 1

According to this article, I sent the software to the Microsoft Store once, and during this review, I may make other mistakes. The error report tells you how to view the corresponding error-application authentication requirements http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/hh184841 (v = vs.92). aspx.

1) 1-8 screenshots of that step will generally make mistakes-the screen must only contain application graphics and shall not contain any simulator borders, frame rate counters, or debugging information. You cannot enhance the screen as a graph, except for adding informative overwrites specified and pre-approved by Microsoft.

Solution -- http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/hh184844 (v = vs.92). aspx is described in. This includes the size of 480*800. If the png format is not used for image processing, the frame rate counter on the simulator is removed.

You can enable or disable the frame rate counter in the code. When you create a Windows Phone application project in Visual Studio, the code to enable and disable the frame rate counter is added by default. You can find the code in the App. xaml. cs. File. The Code is as follows:

// Show graphics profiling information while debugging. if (System. diagnostics. debugger. isAttached) {// Display the current frame rate counters. application. current. host. settings. enableFrameRateCounter = true; // Other code ...} You only need Application. Current. Host. Settings. EnableFrameRateCounter = false; to disable the frame rate counter.

2) If your application is located, even if it is not a dedicated map, it simply uses the map, always pay attention to this error -- the privacy policy of the 2.7.2 application must notify you how to use and display location data in the Service API, and control the use and sharing of location data. Location data can be carried by the application or directly linked to the application.

Solution-similar to most map software, a prompt box should be provided to remind users that the software requires gps positioning, but similar words will not leak user data ". In addition, note that this reminder box also requires the user to choose to enable or disable the gps service. Instead, there must be a "set" positioning switch function, it is better to explain here a little bit About "the necessity of using the gps function to locate the software will not leak data ". Basically, you can refer to how the successfully uploaded application is implemented.

After such modification, the submission may fail in the store. It seems that when Microsoft personnel detect this issue, different people may have different standards. You may need to add a "Privacy clause" for your reference. This issue may be resolved.

3) 5.2.3 The responsiveness of the application after activation is canceled. Verify that the application can be started normally within 5 seconds and respond within 20 seconds after activation. Solution-currently, generally, the program needs to set up the tombstone mechanism, because it may cause the program to crash after necessary data loss due to the absence of the tombstone mechanism. In fact, the ultimate goal of this problem is that the program cannot crash no matter how it is operated! Ps: Press win. The messagebox is canceled by default!
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