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I have been studying ios for more than four months. In fact, I was preparing to buy an Apple computer when I was a freshman. I wanted to buy an apple or a Sony Computer. As a result, I bought Samsung 300v3a-s03 by mistake.

Later, I went to college and started a two-month system, mainly black apple and virtual machines. Black Apple didn't succeed, but my brother succeeded. I may be a problem with the motherboard or

10 thousand words are omitted here

It was only in April 2013 that I started learning ios. At that time, I learned a video of object-c in c language, (it wasn't until a few days ago that I found that Apple's official tutorials were the most suitable for beginners. I didn't even read them, and I had a Chinese version later than 12 years .),

Because I don't have an Apple computer, the virtual machine is not very good. I 've been interrupted for two or three weeks.

I bought an Apple computer at the beginning of July, and now I feel okay with my learning experience. The next day I found my previous experience.


I found that writing a blog can make myself more solid, and I can learn more about the Forgotten knowledge next time.


I wrote this for my own sake. I will review the content from tomorrow and read it for myself. I can review it if I forget it. Of course, there are errors and I can also know the previous errors.

It would be my pleasure to help others.

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