Xcode7 is a simple method of using plug-ins & amp; and how to download Xcode to earlier versions. xcode7 uses plug-ins

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Xcode7 is a simple method to use plug-ins & how to download Xcode to earlier versions, xcode7 uses plug-ins

Xcode7 has been available for some time since July 9, 2015, when using Xcode7 and Xcode7.1 \ Xcode7.2, you will find that a series of plug-ins such as vv1_enter-Xcode \ KSImageNamed-Xcode \ HOStringSense-for-Xcode cannot be used normally, the following describes how to use the Xcode plug-in this version;

(1) Xcode7:

1. Check the UUID of Xcode and run the following command on the terminal:

Defaults read/Applications/Xcode. app/Contents/Info DVTPlugInCompatibilityUUID

Here you will get a 32-bit UUID and copy it, for example:


2. Find the directory where the Xcode plug-in is located:

~ /Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins

Select the installed plug-in such as KSImageNamed-Xcode, right-click the package content, and find info. plist.

Find the DVTPlugInCompatibilityUUIDs project and add an Item. The Value of the Item is the UUID of Xcode and save it, for example:


After you restart Xcode, the system prompts "Load bundle" and "Skip Bundle". You must select "Load bundle". Otherwise, the plug-in cannot be used;


3. If you click "Skip Bundle" by mistake:

Find the plug-in installation path and continue to open it in info. plist deletes the same UUID number as in the command end. Generally, in the first or last line, delete the row you added and save it, restart Xcode, and add the xcodeUUID again. The plug-in prompt is displayed again after the restart. Select "Load bundle" again, and then click OK;


(2) how to download Xcode of earlier versions:

You can download and install the new version of Xcode directly in the App Store. Sometimes you may use the old version of Xcode. Of course, there are many ways to obtain the old version of Xcode, here we will introduce how to obtain genuine Xcode on the official website, provided that we have to have an apple account and log on to the following website:


After logging on to the console, you can see the Xcode versions;


(The above is the introduction and understanding of relevant knowledge, and we hope you can complement each other for common progress)

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