XE6 & iOS Developer account, Apple Certificate (1): About the developer account

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XE6 & iOS Developer account, Apple Certificate (1): About the developer account 2014-08-30 21:48

Online can find about the Delphi XE series of mobile development related articles very little, this article as far as possible with detailed text content, fool-like expression to tell you the answer you want.

About the Apple developer account,

Note that the following discussion is based on the "legal registration of developer account and payment of annual fee" as the premise, the use of non-certificate to generate an IPA please disregard this article :

1. Account type.

If you want to make an Apple app legit developer/shelf AppStore, you must use the Apple Developer account and a valid certificate to sign the app.

If the developer account is broadly divided into 2 categories:

A. free of charge. (To be a free developer, just sign in to https://developer.apple.com/membercenter/and then fill in your Apple ID and your appleid will turn into a ' free developer account ' after agreeing to the agreement.) )

B. Payment. (This is the account that is paid to Apple's $299 or a year.) )

This free developer account does not allow you to develop apps for free and appstore on shelves, but only when the new iOS system releases beta releases, you can first download the update experience, and if you need to develop legitimate apps, payment is required.

But in general, we are in the consumer's position to look at the problem, so from a pay point of view, there are 3 types of developer account:

1. iOS Developer program ($99/year,develop iOS apps for distribution on the APP Store)

This type of account will be required to select the following 2 types of registration:

A. Personal account ($99/, personal nature, this account can be used to develop the app and publish to AppStore; only one device can be bundled for development.) )

B. Company account ($99/, company nature, need to fill in the details of the company's business license and other information, with this account can also develop the app and publish to the AppStore, and allow a certain number of sub-accounts (personal accounts) to co-development, but need to be released through the master account. )

2. iOS Developer Enterprise program ($299/year,develop and distribute your in-house iOS Apps)

This kind of account is actually the Enterprise account ($299/, large enterprise nature, apply for this first need to apply for DUNS code, the account development of the app can only be used within the enterprise, support unlimited bindings, can not be published to AppStore, some applications in AppStore cannot find, But in the XX Assistant can find and install to the jailbreak device is this. )

3. Mac Developer Program ($99/year,develop and distribute great Mac apps)

Develop apps for Mac. ($99/years)

The above account types can be selected on the credit card payment or renewal page. The specific registration entry can be reached on the following pages:

Apple Developer website: https://developer.apple.com/

Or in Chinese: https://developer.apple.com/cn/

Firemonkey Mobile development can add QQ Group: 165232328 (I am not an administrator, only one member, this group of experts everywhere, looking forward to all of you Delphi enthusiasts to exchange).

XE6 & iOS Developer account, Apple Certificate (1): About the developer account

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