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css|xhtml| style sheet Web Standard design Web site, the transition method is mainly the use of XHTML+CSS,CSS style sheet is essential. This requires all web designers must be proficient in CSS, if you have not used to use, then start learning now. If you want to make Web-standard Web sites, you don't know how to design a beautiful page with CSS.

In fact, all the areas of performance need to be implemented with CSS. We used to use table to locate and layout, and now we want to position and layout using div instead. This is a change in the way of thinking, at first some are not accustomed to. Oh, any change will have resistance, in order to enjoy the "benefits" of the standard, it is worthwhile to abandon some old traditional practices.

External call style sheet

In the past, we usually used style sheets in 2 ways:

Page inline: Just write the style sheet directly in the head area of the page code. Something like this:

External invocation Method: Writes the stylesheet in a separate. CSS file, and then call it in the page head with something like the following code.

In the design that conforms to the Web standard, we use the external modulation usage, the benefit is self-evident, you can not modify the page to modify only. CSS file and change the style of the page. If all pages call the same style sheet file, changing a style sheet file can change the style of all files.

Call style sheet with double table method

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