Yuantiku announced that it received a C round of $15 million billion in funding and will launch the junior high school question bank to get more middle school students. K12 is the focus of the future.

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Today, yuantiku announced that it has received a C round of $15 million billion in funding. This round of investment is Jingwei China and IDG Capital. After this round of financing, yuantiku's valuation is USD 0.125 billion. Latitude and longitude China and IDG Capital are also the first two rounds of investors in yuantiku. In 2012, yuantiku received an IDG of $2.2 million in a round of financing, in 2013, the company received $7 million in Round B funding from Jingwei and IDG respectively.

We have reported the ape Question Bank for many times. It is an online Intelligent Question Bank. Its biggest feature is that it can intelligently adjust the scope and difficulty of the question according to the user's questions. In the past, yuantiku offered more questions about career exams. Later, the college entrance exams were launched, focusing mainly on the development of K12 Product Questions, last year, the College Entrance Examination Question Bank was announced to be free of charge to expand more middle school students.

According to Shuai Ke, Operations Director of yuantiku database, the development focus of yuantiku database will also be mainly on K12 in the future. They will launch the junior high school database library in September, mainly to attract more middle school students. According to the current data, more than June of students in the college entrance examination library by the end of 1.5 million, but the total number of middle school students is tens of millions. Therefore, you still want to obtain more students, think about future monetization methods.

As for the optimization of question bank products, yuantiku products mainly provide services during training and testing. After this round of financing, on the one hand, they will increase investment in product technology to upgrade products, optimized the learning experience during training and testing. Shuai Ke said that their team had some experimental staff dedicated to research technologies that could allow all questions to be answered on mobile terminals. For example, in the early days of the college entrance examination, only one type of question can be selected, and then empty questions can be answered. In the future, they want to answer the subjective questions.

Not long before yuantiku announced that it had received C-round financing, the ladder Online launched similar question bank products that love to brush questions every day. It was also trying to switch its ideas and try to cut in only from student users. Other similar products include easy question bank and happy learning, but the latter two cover various user groups, such as teachers and students. From the perspective of student users, there are also Q & A products that have emerged in the last six months, such as xueba, Xuebao, ikoalas, and wendianniao.

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