Zabbix-java-gateway Monitoring Tomcat

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Zabbix's JMX monitoring architecture
Zaibbix Server-->java gateway-->jmx Counter
Install JMX: can be installed on any server, this time installed on the server side; # yum -y install zabbix-java-gateway# systemctl  status zabbix-java-gateway.service Modifying the Java-gateway configuration file    # vim /etc/zabbix/ zabbix_java_gateway.conf    #  Listening address     listen_ip= ""      #  Listening Port     listen_port=10052    # pid_ File files     pid_file= "/var/run/zabbix/"     #  Number of worker threads opened     START_POLLERS=50    #  time-out      Timeout=3 Start zabbix-java-gateway:    # systemctl start  zabbix-java-gateway.service    # ss -tnl | grep 10052         LISTEN     0       50           *:10052                     *:*    Modify zabbix_server configuration file and restart     # vim / etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf          #修改下面几个参数:   IP address of the server where the       # javagateway is located          javagateway=        # javagateway Service Port          JavaGatewayPort=10052         #  number of processes from Javagateway data acquisition         startjavapollers=5 configuration file modification, Restart zabbix-server:    # systemctl restart  Zabbix-server.service Note: The start_pollers parameter of the Java-gateway configuration file  >= zabbix_server The Startjavapollers parameter of the configuration file
Add parameters to JMX in Tomact: Configure at the beginning of the file. # vim $tomcat/bin/ catalina_opts= "$CATALINA ent.jmxremote.port=12345 # JMX Port, default gement.jmxremote.ssl=false-djava.rmi.server.hostname= "# Native IP
GUI side:
Import template to Zabbix, and associate to host, add monitor new host, configure JMX interface, default port number 12345;

Import JMX template selection Configuration: Host-Templates-select-Templates-: Template app Apache Tomcat jmx template app Generic java jmx

To see if JMX is in effect, restart the Tomcat process and Zabbix-java-gateway service Configuration------and see if the JMX that corresponds to the server is turned green;

View graphics Monitoring--Graphs Select the corresponding host,graph select Threads,[object Object]

Zabbix-java-gateway Monitoring Tomcat

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