Zend releases a new version of PHP certification license to seek the advantages of server development

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[Php100 comprehensive report] recently, Zend announced a "Zend unlimited subscription" License for its PHP product line. Currently, this license is only available in the United States and Europe. Zend's statement is mainly used to solve the licensing problem caused by frequent changes in software running instances in the cloud computing environment. It is also related to the growing market demand of PHP as a server-side application.

To ensure that PHP is the preferred Web development platform, IT organizations want PHP to increase productivity, performance, and stability while maintaining the cost of using PHP. Cloud computing is a licensing model that IT managers like at present. This allows them to better control their budgets, which is also of great benefit to the development of cloud computing. With Zend unlimited subscription, IT organizations do not have to worry about additional servers being licensed.

Zend's statement is mainly for its PHP product line license, including the Application Server (Zend Server), the multi-Server application Manager (Zend Server Cluster Manager), and a php ide (Zend Studio ). There is also an unlimited license for the support of these products.

Zend Server: Enterprise PHP Web Application Server

Zend Server Cluster Manager: manages the deployment of multi-Server PHP applications

Zend Studio: Excellent PHP development and integration environment, commonly used IDE by PHP developers

Technical support: Zend will provide around-the-clock Technical support for this license, including PHP updates and some security patches

Zend advertised itself as a "PHP Company" and unlimited licensing aims to provide some competitive advantages for companies that use PHP for server-side Web application development. The licensing issue will inevitably go through the negotiation process. As a reader, what solutions will you adopt when the company migrates to the cloud and virtualized Data Center?

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