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In this article, I would like to thank my colleagues who helped me during my internship this year and my friends who are enthusiastic about consulting @ 2008.9

The first lecture is fragmented.

Steve Jobs said in Stanford's speech to College Students: "the so-called career planning and even personal Planning
Personally, it may not be a deliberate process. Planning for the future is actually very difficult, because the opportunity has not come to you
You cannot grasp it, but you have to be prepared ." I think back to my career planning when I was in the third year of college.
Consciousness is far from well prepared by many people, without a wealth of internship experience, without a wealth of social networks. I love it
I like a lot of things and it seems that many things can interest me. Once I focus on it, I will spend a lot of time and energy.

Many people, including me a year ago, may think that the consulting work seems mysterious. The reason is understandable.
Because unlike average companies, the "output" of a consulting company is not a specific or predictable task.
The output is neither a product nor a migration service. It is a process of helping others solve problems. Why is this industry
Attracting such excellent people? Consulting is not a precision Science (consulting is not rocket science .)

if you want to see some consulting and interview job-seeking skills, how can you do case interview, this Article may disappoint you. There are a lot of guidebooks in this regard, and many of their predecessors have written almost everything they can think of. If you have read all of them, it should be enough. The deeper you participate, the more you can understand the thinking process. I hope to introduce this industry in detail in the near future, so that more students and friends can learn about this industry, this is not a superstition or promotion that advocates the career halo of consulting.
Chong (as long as you have a better understanding of this industry, you can better judge whether you are suitable for it, in order to better understand what to do during the interview
, in order to answer the interviewer's questions about why Consulting, give a bloody
answer instead of telling him about your gains on wetfeet and vault ). With the opening of China's financial market, many foreign
quality jobs have been exported to other countries, there are also a lot of blind worship and
distorted values on the issue of choosing a career. "The four major contributors are mortals, and the Investment Bank is a reference of God." It often limits your career
Business Planning (or even life planning. In fact, there are a lot of attractive places in all walks of life
, the highlights of many industries may only be unknown to college students. The best in every industry is
"awesome ".. (Although I do not like the word "Niu Ren" myself, you and I are all mortal: p) before my personal development
the way you invest depends on how much you invest, it is more obvious for consulting companies and investment banks. Finally, if you reference your predecessors, choose Consulting. You are not just choosing a job, but also choosing a kind of lifestyle.

-The first is the salary that everyone is most interested in. For multinational top consulting companies, the starting salary of a Chinese undergraduate/General Master's degree is 16-2.
0 thousand/year, about 30-40 thousand/year (or even higher) after three years ). An MBA with a starting salary of more than 0.6 million yuan (bonus depends on project participants)
With factors such as selling proposal scores), about-/year after three years. Someone once graduated from the management major like this.
The post-job salary is divided into a five-layer pyramid, which is at the bottom of which is a civil servant. The top is a general position of the top five hundred, and the top is
Management trainees from four major and some companies are consulting, and the highest level is some elites of investment banks and funding.
Class. Of course, this division is a big structure, and we do not have to be harsh on it, at least it is the opposite.
Reflects the income of a consultant. Almost every large company uses consultants. The customer knows how many consultants a consultant has.
Weekly compensation is equivalent to a general full-time employee's full-year salary, even higher than the customer's own.

-Secondly, access to an international business environment. Maybe you have heard that consultants often go abroad on business trips and live
Life in the air. In reality, it is similar because the customers of the consulting company may be in any country or city,
There are many opportunities to experience cross-country work and direct access to high-level executives, all of which are for new hire
It is very attractive. In addition, for the offices in the same region of a consulting company (for example, in Greater China
Although the offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong are geographically distant, employees often communicate with each other, just like
Office work.

-Career prospects. This is because it is used by almost all the questions that teach you how to deal with a consulting company interview why consulting.
Fool the interviewer's career pathway. Indeed, the employees in the consulting company have a lot of space to learn and make rapid progress.
In the future, Job hopping and applying for an MBA from top business schools will be a plus. You need to know the two most experienced MBA students
Many, one is to go to the consulting company as a consultant immediately after graduation, and the other is to go to the investment bank after graduation.
A group of people who graduated from the MBA program also came back as consultants. It indicates that the MBA of a well-known school will continue to promote you.
Important. (I have also seen that fast tracking consultants do not need an MBA to prove themselves .)
If a continues to return to the company after graduation for a period of time, the company will pay your tuition fee. In reality, there are also a lot of options to make money
Return to the company and stay abroad for work. So there is a consulting company going abroad.

To be honest, the consulting company is not difficult for everyone to think about, but don't be so happy when you get into it. Every career with a halo is behind the scenes.
You must have full confidence in the hit rate of this spell. First, you will often hear the legend
Workload. During my internship, I had the honor to witness this. Generally, a project is shorter than a month,
The average time is two or three months, which is common for business trips and is not surprising for a Friday. Generally, the normal working hours are 12 hours a day,
It may take about 100 hours/week before submitting the report or midway through with the customer. It is not uncommon to work overtime on weekends. Down
The project will be better, but it won't be easy. In order to maintain the company's authority in the industry, the company will regularly publish comments,
Employees without projects will be arranged to write articles or other jobs such as survey, or write proposal and training. Division
At the same time, consultants are often the target of ridicule. in Europe and America, they are often compared to profit-only images.
"Lawyers" and fraudulent "second-hand car dealers ". The root cause of many complaints is actually a problem.
Whether the teacher's rich income and the value it creates are "value for money ":

-The output of many projects is not obvious, or is not obvious in the short term.

-Many consulting companies will submit beautiful project reports for you, but you have to clean up the mess during implementation.

-Many people think that consultants are arrogant, but often lack practical experience in the industry. Customers think they are charged
He was very professional in his words and was wearing a pen suit and an IBM computer. The consultant thinks the customer's
Employees are losers, or they will become consultants.

There is an irony in the consultant's metaphor: The consultant is the person who takes the watch from the client and tells them the time. Worse
The consultant took the watch from the client and collected the money. The customer wants a consultant who is more refined than them.
And can tell them multiple times at any time. These jokes are actually a problem.
There are several practical problems, that is, the expectations of the customer and the problems we get from reality. I will also mention these problems. Because
And the consulting industry is inseparable from the word "partnership", almost all information companies
Claim the importance of maintaining a partnership with the customer. So first, let's talk about it from the consulting company and the customer.

Lecture 1 customers and consulting companies

There is no doubt that there will be no consulting company to create value (consulting always emphas
Ize how they add value to client's business) stage. Therefore, the premise and
The consulting company itself does not have much to do with, but is closely related to the needs of the customers who hire them. Start introducing everything
Before doing so, summarize and analyze the reasons why the customer needs to consult the company.

If you are ill, you need to see a doctor ). Sometimes your illness
Because it is clear, the doctor needs to prescribe a new prescription for you. For example, your old problem has been committed again ~ But sometimes the symptoms are a series
You can't clarify the problem because of column blurring. There seems to be no obvious cause or solution. Role of management consulting
Sometimes the customer understands the reasons and objectives for inviting you to help consult, and you are also concerned about the problems to be handled.
Very familiar, everything will be easy to learn (for example, how to perform assessment on a market, most of the due diligence
And so on ). (This situation also applies to many companies that provide professional services. For example, you need to hire
Ask certified public accounting firms for legal issues in enterprise restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, including other capital market TRANSAC
Tions and PE fund formation you need a law firm ).

Have you ever thought that a company must be an external auditor or a legal representative, but not necessarily a legal representative?
External consulting companies are required. Because if you do not do this, it will not break the law. But in fact, various industries are currently using consulting companies,
The reasons are as follows:

-Human capital is required ). Human resources are the most important capital of an enterprise, although these cannot be in the enterprise's assets
The balance sheet reflects but has a huge effect. The customer needs to consult the company as human capital sometimes because the consulting company
This field has a strong degree of professionalism (such as IBM, accentuate, IT consulting companies, and almost every Consulting
Companies have their own fields of expertise. For example, my company is good at transportation, logistics, and mechanical vehicles. This
The project nature of each company can also be reflected. The specific categories of consulting companies will be described below ). But sometimes
Hou, the customer only needs help, because it is difficult to release resources within the enterprise. What he needs is a group of smart and refined
A guy with the ability to learn quickly. At this time, the customer does not need experts. The role of the consulting company is a group of adaptive
A strong person can do anything to complete the task.

-External Brain is required. A manager in an industry may find it difficult to analyze the situation. Sometimes he has time
Analysis of a certain problem, but it cannot ensure that his analysis is comprehensive and objective (important to the enterprise or to the individual ).
(This issue was discussed before I had dinner with my boss. For example, some of his friends who work in private equity funds are
A company has a good understanding of the meaning of the purchase. However, to ensure that the information they have is comprehensive and authentic,
Often at this time, the consulting company will be invited to perform a due diligence (due deligence ).
When you decide, you often need the consultant's intervention to use a new visual view to help you review the current situation.

-Say it with fact ). If you want to contact us, remember the word fact.
. He used to work with an authoritative consultant in the industry. He often talk about this word and
I was very impressed by integrating this consciousness into his work. (The pronunciation of his fact and that of an F-Header
The word (bleep) is quite similar. This is one of the reasons that impressed me ). In many cases, customers do not need a single view.
Point, tell him to enter the market and remove the product. They said that my colleagues and I already had
The same point of view has been obtained. If you only share the same opinion, they will not feel more comfortable. If you cannot
Just wait until you get out of the meeting room. What's amazing about consultants is that they can use a lot of data
Analyze and support these ideas and use facts to help you make decisions.

-Continuous motivation. Consultants are experts who make the project effective, and customers are not experts in this field. Motivation for doing anything
It determines whether you stick to the end or stop (chasing mm is also a truth, thanks ). Energy and push provided by consultants
The ability to move the entire project forward is very powerful. Some project enterprises can use internal personnel, but these people still need
Considering daily work, internal staff often lose interest or confidence. What I admire most in my work
Consultants control the progress of the entire project. Even if they often need to work overtime, they can always ensure that
The final presentation day presented the beautiful report to the customer. (As an intern, I also tried 90.
Hourly/weekly workload. You may be surprised, but they have already been
Sorry !) Customer Care is to complete the task and catch up with competitors. They hire consultants not to seek innovation
Thinking or establishing long-term relationships, they hope that consultants can ensure that the plan is carried out to the end.

In fact, this is only some of the cases. In reality, you can see in newspapers, magazines, and even television movies.
One or more reasons may be the customer's invitation to consult a company. Not necessarily because every customer needs to be in the city.
Only when you get an immediate advantage in the competition can you hire a consulting company. The customer may only need to bring some opportunities to your employees.
Sending or giving investors more confidence in expectations. Although you may be surprised, All Of This fully demonstrates
There are many reasons for the customer to consult the company. This society already has
Many things deviate from the original purpose in the process of development, and many materials may mislead you. For example
This book wall street meat (Shanghai People's Publishing House) describes the strange life of Wall Street.
Shao. Financial analysts will tell you that their work is more important than predicting stocks when they call the media to eat and visit customers,
You will think they are more like the entertainment industry than the financial industry.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of rich dad, said, "If you are in busine
SS, you need to learn how to learn. "who knows chinese food, grain is hard. The value of consulting companies
If you start a customer, the project does not fall from the sky. As a service provider, you must
It has gone through the sales project and bidding process. Next, let's talk about the sales process of the consulting industry.

Don't go away first. Come back soon.

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