Rising will establish a "Cloud Security Web site Alliance" for millions of sites to provide horse alarm

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July 28, rising in the "cloud security" system successfully launched the first anniversary, the start to let 100 million yuan large-scale promotional activities, "Rising full-featured security software 2009" boxed product price straight 100 yuan, and give away the value of 100 yuan of cool pocket. In addition to let promotions, rising in the recent introduction of the "cloud security" system, "rising Cloud Security Web site Alliance" for millions of domestic sites to provide anti-horse service. Rising since July 2008 launched the "Cloud Security" system, the system has been intercepted 2000多万个 Trojan virus samples, for users to intercept more than 2 billion times of horse-mounted site attacks. Practice has proved that the rising "cloud security" plan fully realized the expected concept-the Internet of security software, and promote the entire security industry changes. In the first half of 2009, rising "cloud security" system to intercept the number of Hanging Horse Web page accumulated up to 290 million, including many small and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies and university websites were hacked. Only in the past one weeks, there has been a provincial government portal, SMC website and a newspaper site was implanted Trojan, users will be poisoned after browsing. These sites lack professional security personnel and management, and are therefore vulnerable to horse-mounted attacks. Rising vice president Lu Qing said, "Rising Cloud Security Web site Alliance" is in the form of public welfare, "cloud security" results of services to the community, so that "cloud security" of the application range from the existing rising users, extended to all Internet sites and netizens. According to the disclosure, rising is about to set up the "Cloud Security website Alliance", will provide domestic web site real-time horse alarm, hacker intrusion detection services. This is the first Internet site for the comprehensive security Services platform, all joined the alliance's website, in the server was hanging horse, encounter hackers attack, will be the first time to receive rising "cloud security" system warning information, and access to relevant technical solutions, So that the administrator of small and medium-sized websites can also keep abreast of their own server security situation, and solve their own problems. Before this, rising "cloud security" results and data, mainly used for rising personal and enterprise-class products, users can only install these products to enjoy the "cloud security" protection. Due to see the "cloud security" system in the horse-proof of the authority and professional, more and more partners want to provide for the Internet station security warning, hanging Horse web site monitoring services. Rising vice president Lu Qing said, "Cloud security" system running the first anniversary, its achievements have changed the industry pattern. "Cloud Security website Alliance" the establishment, will fundamentally solve the Trojan virus rampant, hangs the horse website rampant situation, causes the vast Internet website and the ordinary netizen to enjoy the real security. "Responsible editor: May TEL: (010) 68476606" Original: Rising will establish a "Cloud Security Web site Alliance" for millions of sites to provide horse alarm back to network security home
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