Set up Web reputation query server for domestic "cloud security" speed up 50 times times

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November 30, 2010, global leader in the world of Internet content security software and services, trend technology announced that in order to make Chinese customers better and faster cloud security protection, trend technology in Nanjing set up a special service for Chinese customers Web reputation query server. After testing, located in Nanjing, the new Web Reputation query server application, Web reputation query speed compared to the previous maximum can speed up more than 50 times times! Trend Technology said that in November 2010, through the application of global load Balancing Technology (GSLB), all Chinese regions of the Web reputation query traffic to migrate and accelerate. As long as you are using the trend technology products, and has opened the Web reputation technology, without any change any settings, you can enjoy the Web reputation query speed of the rapid increase in the new security experience. Web reputation query is an important core of the trend technology cloud security defense system, whose main goal is to prevent the deteriorating web threats effectively. Nowadays, due to the rapid development of network information and the extensive application of E-commerce, the corresponding web threats are also increasing. Many of the new applications developed by enterprises and Web sites are Web applications, and Web services are interacting with visitors more and more frequently, and these trends also pose potential pitfalls, the most direct manifestation of which is that Internet malware is exploding, only the number of malware that occurred in the last year, than the sum of the previous years. Because of the complexity of the way the web is threatened, it uses a combination of files and technologies and keeps changing the version or Variant used. In addition, because web threats are on the web site, not on infected computers, Web threat creators constantly modify their code to avoid detection. The security challenges posed by all these factors pose a great threat to the normal business activities of business users. The Web reputation technology of trend technology is the best weapon to restrain the web threat, it can keep track of the trustworthiness of web domain, it specifies the credit score of the website through factors such as the age of the Web site, the change of historical location and the suspicious activity discovered by the malicious software behavior analysis. And the trend of the Web Reputation feature technology security products, in accordance with customer settings, real-time block or allow access to these Web sites. From this, we can see that the speed of web reputation query, for users to prevent the timely change of potential threats, the rapid blocking of malicious web sites, malicious programs of the offensive approach, are of great significance. The upgrade of China Web Reputation Inquiry Service not only embodies the trend of science and technology as a global leader in information security for the Chinese market and users of the high priority, but also for many users in China quickly and conveniently to obtain the best "cloud security" protection paved the way. "Editorial recommendations" trend Technology SME Security Package 6.0 overall reduction of terminal resource occupancy trends technology has received a takeover offer: pushing stock prices up 21% trend technology for Social Security information construction all the way "wind cover rain" trend Technology Zheng Hongqing: Cloud Security and Compliance challenges & Solutions "executive Editor: Shang Micro TEL: (010) 68476606 "Original: Set up a Web reputation query server for the domestic" cloud security "speed up 50 times times return to network security home
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