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The first thing I want to say is that, in philosophy, there is no use, it is relative, there is no absolutely useless things, there is no absolutely useful things. So, for the same thing has no use, we should combine their own reality, combined with the situation at the time, the local to make a judgment. In other words, I learn this thing, I have what good, or what the future benefits, there is no good to me, the benefits are not big, and then the combination of their own HTML "> Hobbies, if you like it, then to learn from him, if not but he likes, and for himself, the people around him, and friends are good, then why not to learn? That for learning SEO has no future is the same truth.

Below I will enumerate some learning SEO what benefits, as well as I learned in the bubble Library of knowledge and the future of SEO to do a simple analysis, you can also make a reference to this problem more or less.

Learn some SEO benefits one: Part-time

If you already have a job and you're not busy with the job, or you want to find something to do after work, or to make some extra money, there is you or college students, then learning SEO is a good choice for you, learning SEO can be used to do Taobao customer promotion, there is a game promotion, etc., As long as you have a computer, you can do online part-time at home.

Learning SEO Benefits of the second: passive search for customers, independent entrepreneurship

If you do not have a job now, or are planning to change jobs, or to be diverted, then learning SEO is also a good choice for you. Because learning SEO can find customers, there is a self-employed. SEO is a very low cost technology, just take a little time to learn, you can get customers online, you can passively find the intention of customers, and is 24 hours uninterrupted, as long as your SEO technology to operate the site and have a certain ranking, the site has been placed there on it. Why is that? Because SEO is to do is in search engines to optimize specific keywords, and these keywords are customers to query the key words, for example, if you want to find someone online to help you decorate the house, then you are not to enter: such a city decoration such a search term, and SEO is to optimize such keywords, Let you directly find a certain city decoration related companies or personnel. This is not very directional ah. And these are the customer initiative to find, when they find it will give us a call, this order is not easy to get.

Learn SEO benefits Three, find a high-tech job

If you do not have a job and do not want to start their own business, then learning SEO is also very good choice, because learned SEO you can find about SEO-related work, and now SEO-related technical personnel are very scarce, but also very good treatment. Learn SEO, find a monthly salary of 5000 of the SEO, or network marketing work is very easy.

The above is the author for SEO brief elaboration, everybody thinks SEO has the future? There is no doubt that the future is big, as long as the search engine is still in SEO will not fall down, and with the continuous development of the network, people want to search through the search engine will be more and more large. Source:

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