The logic and method of brand promotion in e-business enterprise

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When did we wait until we started to look at our own names?

Stalin said: Sometimes, quantity is also qualitative!

Brand identity from four aspects can be considered: product identification, image identification, professional identification, service identification.

Based on this, the "sensibility" of brand identity originates from all the "> E-Commerce Enterprises", "the security standard, the view complex."

Above is the reply sends the friend to open the kettle when the electricity merchant website pays attention to the brand identity? 》

Now looking back, found that E-commerce enterprises to brand shaping is "powerless", a lot of people are not able to start, know that "rivers and lakes Legend" will bring "lake status", but blankly, "bad speculation" when the brand, and the initiative for it, was "cheat color" after the big call "burn money", so here, I hope everyone in the promotion process, in the covet technology standardization can be measured, to clearly understand and agree that "consumers have their own thinking", Technical uncertainty "love"!

Here is a big brand concept, not a product of the functional brand, I hope you understand, so divided into four dimensions, is also four stages, in order is: Image identity, product identification, professional identification, service identification.

The logic is simple,

Image identity: You do whatever advertising, do promotion, everyone contact your information is your image, so, go out "wash", let people see your image is at least more clear, don't mess!

Product Identification: People see you look good, come to see what you have, see your products, a see understand, his image and his products are consistent, no kidding, continue to see

Professional identity: Your products can meet the expectations of others, not only is the demand, but the expectations, how to meet, you can not professional performance, like the United States to sell the camera salesman, it is called a "special", even if the customer does not want to buy also let the customer heart born admiration!

Service Identity: This also use to say, "reciprocity" became, guarding a "cooperation" of the heart on the line, do not have to install grandchildren, do not pretend ye!

If you want to brand "further education", then the content is more, far-reaching, but also logical:

Consider the following questions first:

1. Where are the consumers of their own brands?

2. How do they get the information they are interested in?

3. How are these interests generated and met?

4. What has changed the way and shape of the network?

5. In what manner and where do consumers form decisions about consumption?

6. Where do you end up spending and purchasing?

7. Is consumer procurement the end point?

8. How can the process of consumer discussion, use, experience and sharing become the starting point for the next round of marketing?

9. Especially under the trans-media integrated marketing environment, where is the touch points between brand promotion and advertising marketing activities and consumers?

10. Where is the relative information and discourse center?

11. Where is the tipping point for transmission?

Then, according to the work of one of the following, a to do, need to have a dedicated team to do, do not expect to engage in technology to do the brand, this and personality is related, and IQ-free!

First, the brand basic information comb (image identification)

1. Enterprise Research and diagnosis

2. Market Research

3. Trademark inspection, let others register, you also invest, then you are left with bad luck!

4. Brand recognition, good remember, good writing, have characteristics, good understanding, and you give your son name, do not follow, think clearly!

5. The interpretation of brand meaning, the spiritual level, the concept of the use of the brand can explain the pass, have a representative

6. Brand name check, this is not a homonym, such as: Pulse = sell move, is to sell the move, how good, but there are many in different dialects, it is not the same, this should pay attention to, do not think they grow up, when the price is big!

Above is six basis, ready, think clearly, your image identification with this information as the "outline" for production, focus on the achievement of "and the enemy has always been, Trinidad kill will"!

Second, the brand information delivery methods (product identification, professional recognition)

1, brand promotion strategy planning, frankly speaking, is your brand information on the principles, this principle according to the actual situation, step-by-step, constantly "toss"!

(Network press conference, Friends gathering, exhibition planning, star Conference, corporate wine/Annual meeting, Celebration planning, brand PR promotion) if the company is relatively small, then you will be replaced by "friends and relatives" "media friends" to toss the above things, do not toss a live!

2, Brand communication strategy planning, communication is communication, we have played QQ, that is the dissemination, therefore, choose a good communication object, find someone else, "open chat"!

(Media launch strategy, PR campaign planning, Consumer communication strategies, press releases, flat soft writing) here, tightly around the top of the "brand basic information" to communicate, do not "mouth run Tongue"!

Through the integration of various means of marketing, there are plans to implement, the formation of a clear brand track, effective dissemination.

Third, the establishment and management of brand experience System (Service identification)

1, "terminal" experience system planning: E-commerce terminals include: official website, customer service, Treasury, logistics, is to let your customers to see, to understand the place, are terminals, "seeing for the real", conducive to consumer word-of-mouth transmission, like some merchants to invite netizens to visit their company!

2, the network Interactive experience Planning: interactive activities, we have played, but still effective, but to ensure that "sincere notional" do not to obtain consumer information and play consumers, play to the end no one will ignore you

3, experiential education and training promotion: there is time for everyone to attend an Amway party, oh, helpful, playing is a "passion", desire and IQ often become inversely proportional to our own calm some good, but some can learn from, you put together, play, your brand as a story "sell" them, They will sell it for you, don't believe you try.

If the brand from the depth of thinking, I said above the words, a number of "" "Not Enough" "good faith", but perhaps the pace of life is now too fast, "" the "yuppie" easier for everyone to relax to see something, of course, if someone can use a more image of the appropriate analogy to illustrate the above problem, I would like to be educated, welcome to Pat Bricks, Welcome to share, thank you!!!

If some information on this article do not understand, you can see my other articles, I dabble in many, but are based on brand communication as the core, thank you!

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