The opening of 400 telephone hotline will become the sales tool of electric dealers

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With the rise of E-commerce, Taobao stores, such as the threshold of its open shop, operating mode of security and rapid rise, and gradually developed into the number of domestic users and volume of the largest E-commerce platform. However, the recent official data show that tens of thousands of shops are closed every day, the reporter survey found that the closure of the shop is mostly in recent years, the new shop, entry threshold low, difficult to obtain credibility, after-sales service and not the best factor is the main reason for the new open shop can not continue to operate. How to improve the reputation and credibility of the shop is placed in front of all shop sellers an important issue. Here, small series for you shop sellers to provide a specific solution, and try to open shop exclusive 400 telephone hotline.

It is undeniable that in order to Taobao and other online shop for a long time to survive, there is no formal physical store is difficult to achieve, this is believed that the vast number of sellers deep experience, This premise provides the basic conditions for the 400 telephone hotline, because only companies registered in the business sector can have their own 400 exclusive hotlines. It is precisely because of the 400 hotline formal and strict audit system, can become the company's credit card, its accession, to a large extent, increased the credibility of the store, but also the performance of the store strength, can effectively get the buyer's trust.

The use of 400 hotline, can effectively improve customer service efficiency. The reporter entered several not open the hotline shop to see after found, at present, the shop function is increasingly perfect, pre-sale, sale, after-sale and other customer service telephone, and some shops even published nearly 20 customer service telephone, numerous customer service phone accounted for nearly one-third of the shop page, the reporter tried to call a few pre-sales advisory telephone, Found that the busy phenomenon has occurred, the sudden interest in shopping suddenly reduced. And the emergence of 400 telephone hotline, just can solve the above problems, the hotline's two-time extension function to ensure the cleanliness of the shop, only in the shop home page to advertise a number, can contain pre-sale, in and after three links, consumers into the phone, according to voice prompts can be transferred to the required link, The transfer function can also automatically transfer incoming calls to an idle phone. Through the above settings, in ensuring that the store neat, but also to ensure the potential customers shopping mood, to maximize the retention of potential customers.

Some businesses might consider the cost of a 400 phone, if you have this concern, it can only show that your business awareness is not strong, now, domestic consumption has been 10 years ago from the seller's market into the buyer's markets, good wine is not afraid of the deep Alley marketing model has been outdated, do not invest in a certain marketing costs, waiting for the model has long been The tide of market economy is buried. The World 400 telephone (400 telephone processing, 400 telephone application opened, to a certain extent, increased the cost of the shop, but also reduce the buyer's purchase costs, in the absence of differences in merchandise, as a purchaser, is the choice to bear long-distance costs, or local costs? The reason why Coca-Cola is so prosperous is that it is inseparable from the marketing model that is used to advertise 10% of every year's profit revenue.

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