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At a recent party, students asked me what I was doing now, the author had to answer: website Construction, the fellow was excited, Sipilailian to the author to teach him to do the site software, how to do the site, no way, after going back to their own summary of the next thing, in this publication, to share to those who are interested in the site construction colleagues.

First code writing

Now the main code writing software is Dreamweaver, it can be the fastest way to Fireworks,freehand, or Photoshop and other files to move to the Web page. Use the check-color eyedropper tool to select the color on the screen to set the closest page security color. For menus, shortcut keys and formatting controls can be accomplished with a simple step. Dreamweaver with your favorite design tools, such as playback Flash,shockwave and plug-in modules, and so on, do not need to leave the Dreamweaver can be completed, the overall use of natural smooth flow. In addition, just click to enable Dreamweaver to automatically turn on firework or Photoshop for editing and setting the image optimization.

Layout of the second website

How to make a website? What is the Web page layout? Web pages can be said to be the basis of the formation of the site elements. When we light the mouse, roaming in the net sea, a pair of wonderful web pages will float in front of us, then, the Web page of the outstanding factors? Color Matching, text changes, image processing and so on, these are of course the factors that can not be neglected, in addition to these, there is also a very important factor-page layout.

Site layout There are two ways, table and Div, due to a variety of factors reason table has now been eliminated, mainly to div layout, mainly said several advantages:

1, the page content and form of separation generated HTML file code is more streamlined and smaller, convenient for users to open the Web page faster.

2, change the content of the site page is more convenient, do not redesign typesetting page. You just need to change the CSS file.

3, Div more in line with the internationalization of the global standards, search engines are also more recognition of this technology to make the site.

4, more in line with SEO optimization principle. More attracted by attracting engines.

Third site special effects

You want a website to show off Matchless, vivid good-looking, website special effects are necessary, here will use the JS special effect, the full name is JavaScript, a widely used in the client Web development scripting language, often used to add dynamic functions to HTML pages, or for example, if you fill out a registration form , for example, if the user name is not filled in, when the "submit" button will pop up the dialog box "please fill in username", this is the browser on the client side of the interaction, and has not been submitted to the server side to interact, the advantage is to save the opportunity to interact with the server, shorten the corresponding time, floating type of customer service Ah, Slide transitions and so on and so on .... A lot of things to use JS, so this must be learned, of course, can learn more after learning jquery, which is equivalent to a library of JS, many functions are concentrated in the inside, do not need to write, direct call on it.

The processing of the four pictures

The website construction process, certainly uses the picture processing, that must choose now PS full name Photoshop,ai full name ILLUSTRATOR,CDR full name CorelDRAW and so on picture processing software, PS is the bitmap processing software, the AI and the CDR are the vector diagram editing software ( The difference between a bitmap and a vector map Baidu will have, here I will not say more ...

If you want to learn, it's going to be Photoshop and a vector software, this can be perfect, the author is using the Cdr,ai and CDR difference is not very large, look at the individual and your area with what software to decide, such as we are here with CDR, I use AI is not suitable, the conversion of words will be wrong, There is no way to cooperate well with others.

V Programming language

There are many kinds of programming languages: PHP, ASP, JSP,, Java, etc., now more popular is the PHP and,asp has almost eliminated, JSP and Java less use it, for the website construction. Now look at the PHP and, please see the following figure:


VI Background CMS system

CMS system has a lot, but the author is using Dedecms, so in this recommended learning dedecms.

The Dream Content Management System (DEDECMS) is simple, practical, open source and famous, is the most well-known PHP open source Web site management system, but also the use of the most users of the PHP-type CMS system, in the past two years of development, the current version, whether in the function, or usability, have made considerable progress, Dedecms free version of the main target users locked in the personal webmaster, the function is more focused on the personal site or small and medium-sized portal construction, of course, there are many enterprise users and schools in the use of this system. Dream Content Management System (DEDECMS) based on PHP+MYSQL technology architecture, fully open source coupled with a strong and stable technical framework, so that you are currently planning to do a small web site, or want to make the site in the continuous expansion of the system can still be free to expand all have sufficient assurance.

Seventh supplementary content

If the above is learned and mastered, congratulations, you have become a good programmer, of course, if you want to build a mall site and learn to Ecshop, you also want to do animation, you have to learn flash, want to do a good job in the rankings will be SEO, in short, site construction has a lot of things to learn, I do not ask you to love, as long as excellence, you are the most won, thank you.

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