Ajax. Net entry level

I wrote the Ajax. Net article two days ago. Some friends asked me how to configure this stuff,CodeHow to write. Actually, quick guide.txt is clear in the example, but here I will demonstrate it step by step based on my experience. My development

A netizen's Ajax progress bar shows the cause of the Error

VaR xmldoc = false; VaR url = "index. aspx"If (window. XMLHttpRequest){Xmldoc = new XMLHttpRequest ();If (xmldoc. overridemimetype){Xmldoc. overridemimetype = ('text/xml ');}}Else if (window. activexobject){Xmldoc = new activexobject ("Microsoft.

Install cuteeditor5.0 and use it with ajax.net to perform database operations without refreshing!

Cuteeditor is really a good web online editor, but the installation of 5.0 is a bit different from the previous version, the cracked version of 5.0 is: http://www.seaskyer.net, after downloading decompress it, everyone on Earth knows this. Create a

Alibaba Cloud ajax.net supports 99 online favorites!

Through 5 months of effort, finally made a good http://www.99scj.com, an online 99 favorites, the whole site with ajax.net production, even login registration is also, but temporarily does not provide registration function, test account: pwqzc,

Ajax: 99 favorites development experience (2) move the mouse

I must raise this question: plum blossom Snow !!!!! There is a saying that "there is no difficulty in the world, as long as you have a heart ", What I want to say is: "JS is not difficult, as long as plum blossom comes ". To achieve the same

Ajax: Developing www.99scj.com (1)

I borrowed a phrase from Brother plum blossom: fast and furious. First of all, let's compare the ajax.net and Atlas! So that friends may not make the same mistakes as me in some aspects. Of course, this only represents my experience and my point of

Ajax Chinese garbled Solution

Solve the problem that garbled characters may occur when Ajax transmits Chinese characters. // If the transfer parameters are directly assigned, garbled characters are generated! Http_request.open ( " Post " , URL, True

Ajax. Net Quick Start

Master's current project is ready to use Ajax and implement it with ajax.net instead of ATLAS. So I should first look at ajax.net. In this way, the master's car-based learning will be very efficient ~~, Of course, you must first learn:The latest

Ajax. Net commit or return a class

This is based on the demo written by the ajax.net author. It generally means that a server-defined class can be submitted from the client to the server, and the server can return a class to the client, I simplified the author'sCodeThe CS file is not

Data Types of Ajax. net

This example is based on Ajax. the data type example by the author of. NET is probably used to pass a lot of data types as parameters to the server-side Ajax.. Net method, also from Ajax.. NET Server method returns the same data type. In particular,

The default namespace of Ajax. Net onloading and aspx pages and the Google group of ajaxpro do not have a Chinese character?

This is the onloading demo prepared by ajax.net. Download his Code . If there are several questions: 1. If there is no post-code CS file on An ASPX page, or if no namespace is manually added to vs2005, what is the default namespace of aspx? Is it

(Reference) Ajax experience-retain your own use

See a good article Article , Reference it, keep it. Ajax: Developing www.99scj.com experiences (1) borrow a phrase from Brother plum blossom: rapid madness. First of all, let's compare the ajax.net and Atlas! So that friends may not make the same

A drop-down list of two-level interactions without refreshing is also applicable to Firefox. Is this Ajax?

There may be a lot of criticism, but I think this is really good. I have read about 20 refresh dynamic drop-down lists, and they are a mess under Firefox. I have been doing this for almost two days, that is, how to keep the value of the second list

Introduction to prototype Ajax

Introduction to prototype Ajax [translation completed] Original article: http://www.prototypejs.org/learn/introduction-to-ajax]Www.ruby-china.cn webmaster The prototype framework provides very easy and interesting methods to handle Ajax calls.

Ajax platform policy for. NET developers

Ajax platform policy for. NET developers Ccboy2006.02.15 Here I will try to check the current. the Ajax framework under the net platform, I also try to sum up a method from it, so that you can. the Ajax framework and toolkit of the. NET platform

A simple example of how Ajax works

Statement: ThisCodeThis is a reference from Yan jianghua, but I did not find the relevant address on the network, so I did not add the relevant reference. In this example, I manually typed in. First, I tried it for myself, and second, it was easy

Ajax automatically loads blogjava and RSS of the blog site

Http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd> This is test Ajax-based RSS reading example Enter an RSS address: Src = http://www.nice.or.jp /~ Mosmos/free/f105.swf width = 200 Height = 200Type = application/X-Shockwave-flash; Quality =

Ajax return garbled Solution

1. vbs conversion functions The vbs conversion function: Function convertstr (VIN) Strreturn = "" For I = 1 to lenb (VIN) Thischarcode = ASCB (midb (Vin, I, 1 )) If thischarcode = Strreturn = strreturn & CHR (thischarcode) Else Nextcharcode = ASCB

Ajax cannot be used in disorder. Select a practical scenario.

Ajax is not omnipotent. Ajax can be used to give full play to its strengths, improve system performance and user experience, and cannot be abused for technical purposes, the result of abuse is to make yourself tired and hard. Ajax is characterized

A Preliminary Study of Ajax. dll

I heard that the Ajax topic is very popular, but I search for it and I will see several introductory articles. Article And how to use it technically (for example. NET development, there are still very few seen, but it is different to Google with

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