Open the hyperlink by double-clicking the Ajax viewer in mapguide.

As you know, in mapguide Ajax viewer, you can set a hyperlink for the element, and then press Ctrl + Click to open the hyperlink. I believe many people have opinions on this Ctrl + Click. Just click it. Why do you have to press and hold down the

Ajax-based wuziqi demonstration

Today, I saw the new version of MagicAjax on I have never used it before. It seems like a good name. I have looked at the example and found that using it for development is really simple. For specific applications, I can see its demo.

Today, I finally made an Ajax program.

Today, I saw the MagicAjax open-source project introduced in the Ajax-based wuziqi demonstration. Ajax has been on fire for a long time, but it has never been studied. It may be due to laziness, and complicated things may be scared. This MagicAjax

[Reprinted] current excellent ajax framework

I saw an article in csdn titled who is the best ajax framework in your mind, which mentioned a lot of things. Let's take a look and leave it to the end. I will have time to study later.No1-Prototype Features: a very elegant JS library that defines

Discuss about introducing Ajax InPage Resource Locator

First of all, I made Ajax InPage Resource Locator, the main meaning is to add a part of QueryString to indicate the specific location of a content in the Ajax page (it can also be considered as the user's Operation Records on the page ). Why should

I studied the Google Ajax Search API and made a sample for the blog.

The effect is relatively simple, and there are no artist cells :( A lot of code is copied directly from Google's sample. I just added a simple PopUp mechanism. The code is quite simple, so no comments are needed. All code: CSS: JavaScript: HTML:

Javascript cross-origin and Ajax cross-origin Solutions

In a recent project, ajax cross-Origin data retrieval is required. If it is true that there is no problem in the current domain, a prompt box is displayed in the browser of the second-level domain and other domains: "This page is accessing data out

AJAX design pattern: How to build a refresh and brushless Newest Application

It's also the title of an opening mouth! Since it is a "no refresh" application, why does it mean a "no refresh" application? Not at all -- Problem As we all know, the so-called AJAX-based "no refreshing application" generally refers to the use of

AJAX design pattern practices: Refreshing Ajax application examples + Framework

This article describes how to build a refresh and refreshing AJAX Design Pattern in Ajax design patterns, this section describes the implementation examples of the above design patterns and the latest version of AjaxHelper v0.7 that supports

Conditional compilation commands of IE browser and ajax Implementation of Microsoft

Today in the study of Microsoft testing site, this is an online Rss reading test site, more people are concerned that the entire site is based on the refreshing, its main functions make code even more sweaty, and are all

Ajax-based MVC solution in. Net Environment

1. Problem background Now, more and more people are trying to use Ajax-based Web development. in the. Net environment, Ajax is not very convenient, which may be caused by the following reasons: · Because Ajax is based on the nature of javascript,

Silverlight uses Ajax to operate the Sharepoint list

In Sharepoint development, what should I do when the Silverlight APPLICATION IN THE WebPart wants to operate the list, such as adding data to a list in Sharepoint? We know that Silverlight is a browser-side application and cannot directly operate on nationwide Ext/Ajax technology learning and exchange tour-the Chengdu site event was successfully held

On the afternoon of July 2,, sponsored by the open-source website (, traveled nationwide Ext/Ajax technology learning and exchange-Chengdu station activity was successfully held at the National Software Industry Base

Ext/ajax technology exchange and learning activities free admission tickets (everyone in the blog Park has the opportunity to get tickets for free)

In order to help you understand the flexible and variable javascript object-oriented programming, you will not be lonely on the way to conquer Ext/Ajax, so that you can win in Web development. The open-source website will organize ext/ajax

My Ajax Server framework-(4) JS directly requests the ascx User Control

Note: the framework described in this article has a new version,Click the link below to read.[Write your own ASP. net mvc Framework] Return to the directory: bask in my Ajax Server framework This function allows you to directly request an ascx user

My Ajax Server framework-(3) JS call PAGE Method

Note: the framework described in this article has a new version,Click the link below to read.[Write your own ASP. net mvc Framework] Return to the directory: bask in my Ajax Server framework This function allows you to directly call a C # method on

Bask in my Ajax Server framework

Note: the framework described in this article has a new version,Click the link below to read.[Write your own ASP. net mvc Framework] Today, I am drying out my Ajax Server framework. Since getting started with JQuery-EasyUI, I have become more and

MapGuide Tips -- how to limit the scaling range of MapGuide Ajax Viewer

  During MapGuide-based development, have you ever encountered such a requirement? My map only needs to be enlarged to a certain extent, so it cannot be enlarged without limit. It cannot be scaled out without limit, because I care about it, it

How to install and configure Intelligent landing page for AIMS/MapGuide Ajax viewer

In the previous article, I introduced a smart start page for MapGuide Ajax Viewer. It supports scaling to a specified position, querying, highlighting, and scaling to elements of a specified condition, filter the elements to be displayed in the

Intelligent landing page for AIMS/MapGuide Ajax viewer

By Daniel Du You may come into ss the InitialMapView sample page in php, It expects the values to be passed to the script as query string parameters, and zoom to specified view port when loading the map. here is an intelligent landing page MapGuide

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