Open the hyperlink by double-clicking the Ajax viewer in mapguide.

As you know, in mapguide Ajax viewer, you can set a hyperlink for the element, and then press Ctrl + Click to open the hyperlink. I believe many people have opinions on this Ctrl + Click. Just click it. Why do you have to press and hold down the

10 useful Ajax plug-ins are recommended

This articleArticleI would like to share with you 10 very useful Ajax plug-ins for image, paging, and navigation. These authors have novel ideas and hope you can find the plug-ins you need.1. AJAX-ZOOM A very powerful plug-in that allows you to

"An error is always returned by the AJAX server !"

I started my AJAX and wrote a simple test! (Js is as follows)   1. The ashx content is as follows! Using System;Using System. Web;Using System. Web. Services; [WebService][WebServiceBinding (ConformsTo = WsiProfiles. BasicProfile1_1)]Public

My Ajax Server framework-(3) JS call PAGE Method

Note: the framework described in this article has a new version,Click the link below to read.[Write your own ASP. net mvc Framework] Return to the directory: bask in my Ajax Server framework This function allows you to directly call a C # method on

Bask in my Ajax Server framework

Note: the framework described in this article has a new version,Click the link below to read.[Write your own ASP. net mvc Framework] Today, I am drying out my Ajax Server framework. Since getting started with JQuery-EasyUI, I have become more and

MapGuide Tips -- how to limit the scaling range of MapGuide Ajax Viewer

  During MapGuide-based development, have you ever encountered such a requirement? My map only needs to be enlarged to a certain extent, so it cannot be enlarged without limit. It cannot be scaled out without limit, because I care about it, it

How to install and configure Intelligent landing page for AIMS/MapGuide Ajax viewer

In the previous article, I introduced a smart start page for MapGuide Ajax Viewer. It supports scaling to a specified position, querying, highlighting, and scaling to elements of a specified condition, filter the elements to be displayed in the

Intelligent landing page for AIMS/MapGuide Ajax viewer

By Daniel Du You may come into ss the InitialMapView sample page in php, It expects the values to be passed to the script as query string parameters, and zoom to specified view port when loading the map. here is an intelligent landing page MapGuide

Remove the coordinate label in Ajax Viewer quick Printing

When you use QuickPlot in MapGuide, the upper-left and lower-right coordinates are displayed by default ,: However, some may want to print a clean drawing and do not want to display this coordinate prompt label. after some research, the simplest

Stop canceling ajax requests and solve the bug in IE7

Recently, I made a text box-based smart prompt. The results are roughly as follows: When I enter one character each time, the request is sent through ajax and the matching result is returned. When the first character is entered, the ajax request

World-class javascript ajax client UI library Ext learning notes menu component and toolbar component

Author Li Jing Official website of Ext javascript library It was developed after YUI extension. the interface is very beautiful and there are multiple skin sets. now there is

Simple Ajax example-no new sum calculation

example of sum without refreshing simple example of the operation of the brushless NEX algorithm + = This instance also uses a program to process files. The Code is as follows: Using System;Using System. Web;Using System. Data;Using System. Data.

The small problem with jquery $. ajax () Getting xml data today

Today, I want to implement an Asynchronous interaction process that reads data from xml using $. ajax (). The initial code is as follows:   $.ajax({ type: "get", url: "Database/App_all.xml", dataType: "xml",

Servlet + json + ajax Integration

Simulate two-level menu Association in the drop-down list 1. Page * Level 1 service type: Select... $ {dept. name} $ {errDept} Level 2 service type: Select... 2. js Function loadDeptChild (dept ){Var url = "servlet/CustomerServlet? Action =

What Is Ajax technology?

1. What is Ajax technology?The full name of Ajax is Asynchronous JavaScript + XML. 2. Ajax definition:Ajax is not a technology. It is actually several technologies, each of which has its own unique characteristics. Together, Ajax becomes a powerful

Use Ajax technology to write a mini Message Board WEB Control

Soon after I started Ajax, I wrote a little thing to keep a learning diary. The message board picture is as follows: Sample address: First, the Access database is used to facilitate migration.The database is very

Simple frameless Ajax application

If you must add an Ajax framework to apply Ajax, let the service provider install the framework you want to use on the server, for example, when buying a virtual host space, it is a very troublesome event or an event that cannot be completed. so let'

AjAX Exploration -- JS calls to entity classes and assignment

BookInfo. cs Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>Using System; Using System. Collections. Generic; Using System. Linq; Using System. Text; Namespace ClassProj { [Serializable] Public

Excellent Tutorial: Create an Ajax-based file drag-and-drop upload function

Share an excellent tutorial from tutorizine-create an Ajax-based File drag-and-drop Upload function, and use the jQuery File Upload plug-in and the jQuery Knob plug-in to implement a beautiful CSS3/JS-driven interface.Articles you may be interested

Carefully selected 12 excellent jQuery Ajax paging plug-ins and tutorials

In this article, I have collected 12JQueryThe Ajax paging plug-ins of the framework. These plug-ins provide detailed tutorials and demos. The emergence of Ajax technology makesWebThe user experience of the project has been greatly improved.JQueryThe

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