Found an open-source blog system (x2blog) compliant with web standards based on AJAX)

System home At the same time, you can see an article in the author's blogArticle. It's funny. resend it. On smth failover? Lu Xun? I heard that the smth of Tsinghua University has been dumped, and I heard that it is not

Invalid jquery Ajax is related to the jquery import path.

Needless to say about jquery. You can read this article. Article And jquery is a JS framework. Ajax is certainly required for projects. If jquery's Ajax is used, jquery needs to be introduced to the JSP page. When you find that jquery Ajax

Rails2.3 Ajax paging Implementation Scheme

I haven't posted a post for a while, so I experienced a very stressful June (examination + project tightening), and I will continue to improve the project during the summer vacation. So I have never thought about anything. To be honest, it is

The server runs the query for a long time, and the Ajax refresh is blocked.

Recently, there was an program that requires a long time to query the database, tens of millions of records, and regular reports run at the same time. Therefore, it takes one or two hours to create a new submit. I set SQL timeout to an

Ajax learning resources [originally reproduced, but now I have added a lot]

This article is intended to be reprinted, but it is basically useless and cannot help anyone! So let's get started !! I usually don't use it as a classic or I don't need to repost it on my own, so if you see it unfortunately, if you are interested

AJAX !?! Getting started

Learning started in late February this year. net (I actually bought it three years ago. net book, it is a pity that I did not read the first 60 pages after reading them.), I spent nearly two months wandering, because I was too close to the door, I

Interaction between Ajax and WCF-the beauty of WCF

In the previous blog , I talked about ajax security issues between xml web Services and the old and new architectures of wcf, and concluded that, however, there is no specific verification. This article aims to verify that the separation of the new

Security issues and solutions for Ajax access to Xml Web Service

In ajax, updatepanel is commonly used. The operations that need to be refreshed are embedded in updatepanel and become ajax operations! However, ajax also supports interaction with Xml Web Services. This method is more like the traditional

About IE cache for Ajax request results

By default, IE caches the Ajax request results for the request address. In other words, before the cache expires, multiple Ajax requests initiated for the same address will only be sent to the server for the first time. In some cases, this default

Simple implementation of displaying "progress" in Ajax request process

Ajax is used more and more frequently in Web applications. Generally, this method is used when Ajax is called: displaying a GIF image animation indicates that the background is working and the user is blocked from operating the page (for example,

Ajax learning 2

Code snippet: By By XmlHttp. status = 200 It is recommended to write like this in the future. Because xmlHttp. status = 200, it indicates that the server returns the correct result, so that the XML can be correctly

Is AJAX just a transitional technology?

On the CSDN homepage, I wrote the title "who is the hero of AJAX, Flash or WPF?", and listed the Flex 2.0 force Ajax launched by Adobe below, and Yuan honggang's article Ajax in August is just a transitional technology. In his article, Yuan said,

Use jQuery to simplify Ajax Development

JSON Getting Started Guide

Use. NET to implement Ajax persistent connections

Document directory Timeout caused by no event Define Sending target Reliable Message Queue Summary Monitor Model Mutex Model Simple Example Experience Summary By   Ajax persistent connections, or some

Simple Analysis of ajax events under jQuery

Yesterday I wrote an article about the problem of dynamic element generation on the monitoring page, which caused some small controversy, but I learned a lot from it.This article describes how to wait for the specified element to be loaded in jQuery.

Error debugging help information about JQuery. Ajax

The following is a detailed list of AJAX parameters in Jquery: 参数名类型描述url String(默认: 当前页地址) 发送请求的地址。typeString(默认:" td delete put http get> Timeout Number Set the request timeout (in milliseconds ). This setting overwrites the global

Ajax -- Example of Asynchronous User Name check

When registering a user on any website, the system checks whether the user already exists. A long time ago, the processing method was to submit all the data to the server for verification. Obviously, this method had a poor user experience. Later,

Using jquery's ajax call is always an incorrect solution.

When jquery ajax is used to call a page, errors always occur. The js Code is as follows: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: $. ajax ({ Type: 'post ', Url: 'testdata. aspx ', Data :{ Language_type: 'cn '}, DataType: 'json ', Success: function (data

Perfect solution for Ajax cross-origin query through $. getJSON ()

Cause:Browser security restrictions are imposed to prevent cross-origin ajax data acquisition. Solution:$. GetJSON () provided by jquery can be used to obtain JSON-format data across domains. Advantage: strong compatibility. Java background code:

Alternative AJAX paging Implementation Method for parsing CI

After reading the CI paging class, I did not write about AJAX. I also saw several other paging class extensions on the forum, which I think is not necessary. On the basis of the existing, a small change can still be implemented. Enter the subject

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