Passing jsond MVC back-end receiving instance via Ajax

CopyCode The Code is as follows: // The background [Httppost] Public jsonresult checkstock (ienumerable pvids) { } Public class pvidscount { Public int PVID {set; get ;} Public int count {set; get ;} } // Front-end $ (Document). Ready (function (){

Solutions to browser cache problems in Ajax

Each time the cache is cleared, a new data will be generated. Therefore, the browser cache is the final problem. After a long struggle, I finally solved the problem. Here I will summarize it. We all know that AJAX can increase the page loading

Why does ajax dynamically assign a value to the href of the a tag without performing redirection? Analysis and Solution

Because the No. 1 evaluation system needs to add a new function "questionnaire", I want to keep the questionnaire prepared by others. The advantage of using others is that they are specialized in other people's work, ui beautification is very

Swfupload ajax example code for refreshing image uploads

Recently, when I was working on a project, I needed to add a function to upload user images. Uploading user images actually involves a lot of things, it is not just an html tag or a FileUpload control blocked by Currently, the website does

The session does not expire in ajax (to avoid page expiration)

Many times when you apply for an exam or fill in a volunteer, do you have to fill in the page information after you have considered it for a while, but the page expiration is displayed when you submit it, and you have to enter it again quickly;

How to solve the garbled Get and post errors when js calls AJAX

When "get" is used, the captured page is appended with the encoding type Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Server: servletactioncontext. getresponse (). setcharacterencoding ("UTF-8 "); Client webpage special effect p/jsp.html target = _ blank> jsp

Examples of Get and post public garbled solutions when jQuery calls AJAX

In the past, I wrote about the garbled solution of Get and post when js calls AJAX in Sina Blog, but it is complicated to use js Code, when using ajax for data interaction, we can use jQuery, a mature framework of js. For the design of a website,

JS HTML5 music and weather player (Ajax obtains Weather Information)

I really don't want to review software engineering at night. Write a player. This is just a small Demo for learning. For many imperfections, the source code is posted below. If you want to reprint it, add a copyright statement. PS: Because Ajax

Instance code of + jquery three-level linkage

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Save: -- select -- City: -- select -- County: -- select -- Webservice: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: [WebMethod] // load Province Public List loadprovince () // Why do I need to use list? Because the

AJAX and WebService implement code linking provincial, municipal, and county levels

------------------------------------- WebService1.asmx --------------------------------------- Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // to allow ASP. net ajax to call this Web service from a script, cancel the comments to the downstream. [System. Web.

Use AJAX to return the specific implementation of the Set in WebService

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: --------------------- WebService1 ----------------------------- // To allow ASP. net ajax to call this Web service from a script, cancel the comments to the downstream. [System. Web. Script. Services.

Detailed idea and code for implementing the paging function in AJAX and L3 Architecture

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: -------------------------htmlpage1.htm --------------------------------- page 1 previous page next page last page Id = "txtPageindex" type = "text"/> Go ------------------------- WebService1 -

AJAX and WebService implement email verification (without refreshing verification of whether the email address is valid)

First, add a service reference to the project. --------------------------- Verify that the Email address is correct. aspx ----------------- Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Email Runat = "server" Text = ""> ------------------

How to pass a parameter through ajax

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Username Password

How to pass multiple parameters through ajax

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Username Password ------ WebService1.asmx ----Copy codeThe Code is as follows: using System;Using System. Collections. Generic;Using System. Linq;Using System. Web;Using System. Web.

Simple implementation of ajax login function (Database not connected)

Simple login (Database not connected) Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Username: Password: [WebMethod] Public string denglu (string username, string pwd) { If (username = "zhangsan" & pwd = "123 ") { Return "Login successful! "; } Else

AJAX obtains the current time and time format output of the server.

AJAX obtains the current server time ------------------------------ WebService1.asmx ---------------------------------- Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // to allow ASP. net ajax to call this Web service from a script, cancel the comments to the

Use Ajax to update the page after JQuery DataTable deletes rows

It is very convenient to use Jquery DataTable to process data tables. A common problem is that the page must be updated after a row is deleted. Note the following method: Pay attention when initializing the table on the front-end page: Copy codeThe

Small Example of JQuery's AJAX Implementation of File Download

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: var form = $ (""); // defines a form. Form. attr ("style", "display: none "); Form. attr ("target ",""); Form. attr ("method", "post "); Form. attr ("action", "exportData "); Var input1 = $ (" "); Input1.attr ("

Implementation of ajax loading data on the bottom of the page with jsonp

Loading data from the scroll drop-down to the bottom of the page is the practice of many waterfall stream websites. Let's take a look at how jsonp is implemented. You can use the summary record of the dishes. Of course, this example uses the jquery

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