Specific ideas and code for batch deletion using jquery Ajax

JS page jqueryCode : Copy code The Code is as follows: // JavaScript document $ (Document). Ready (function (){ // Select all $ ("# Allchk"). Click (function (){ $ ("Input [name = 'subchk']"). Prop ("checked", this. Checked ); }); // Single

Ajax $. getjson case description

CopyCode The Code is as follows:

Method for regularly refreshing Jquery, Ajax, and Struts2

Step 1: import the jquery plugin Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Step 2: add the information display area in .Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Step 3: Add JS Code to the pageCopy codeThe Code is as follows: Step 4: Process requests in

In JavaScript code, the random number is added after the ajax request address to prevent browser caching.

When someone else writes JavaScript code, add random parameters to the ajax request address, such as XXXX? T = + new Date (). getTime (). At first, I couldn't understand why. I checked the information on the Internet because it prevented browser

Example code for Ajax to implement the top and top features in comments

The effect is roughly as follows: Javascript uses jquery. Create an Asp.net web project and use NuGet to obtain the latest Jquery version. The database uses Nhibernate and the Install-Package Nhibernate reference. The database uses PostgreSQL.

JQuery + Ajax sorts different Column Titles of table data (injecting vitality into the table)

We are all very familiar with tables. Today's CSS makes the layout of tables more and more brilliant. However, in any case, it cannot conceal the rigidity of those packages. So how can we make those rigid data more readable and available, and make

The final solution for synchronous and asynchronous execution of jquery ajax

Let's take a look at a simple piece of JavaScript code returned by jquery ajax. Code Copy codeThe Code is as follows: function getReturnAjax { $. Ajax ({ Type: "POST ", Http://www.cnblogs.com/wlmemail/admin/%22ajax/userexist.aspx ", Data: "username =

Overview and examples of JQuery's Ajax cross-origin request principles

Today, remote data loading and page rendering are required in the project, and ajax cross-origin requests are not realized until the development stage. I vaguely remember that Jquery has proposed a solution for ajax cross-origin requests, so I

Ajax.net instance for database insertion

Default. aspx Copy codeThe Code is as follows: No title page Number: Name: Default. aspx. csCopy codeThe Code is as follows: using System;Using System. Data;Using System. Configuration;Using System. Web;Using System. Web. Security;Using

Example code for ajax to perfectly implement the paging function of two webpages

Paging Homepage Copy codeThe Code is as follows: pagination of martial arts novels jquery implementation $. ajax pagination ID name author press ISBN number > type price Paging php essential code Copy codeThe Code is as

Ajax + json + Struts2 implement list transfer instance explanation

For practice purposes, ajax is required to obtain the values in the List set in the background. I have never touched on it before, so I will study it today. 1. Download the jar package dependent on JSON. It depends mainly on the

Introduction to Using Ajax to pass values in a script

Page script: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: function ajaxSave (URLS ){ // Define a variable to store the XMLHttpRequest object Var xmlhttp; // Define a variable to store the response results returned from the server Var responseContext = ""; If

Batch upload of Images Using JQuery + ajax (self-writing)

I searched the internet and found that the code for uploading a single image in jquery + ajax mode is available, but the program for uploading images in batches is not found, so according to the searched code, write a file that can be uploaded in

Ajax Chinese garbled Problem Solution

Ajax Chinese garbled characters often occur in Chinese. In fact, ajax Chinese garbled characters will not occur as long as you pay attention to them. Note that the front-end and back-end encoding are consistent. you are using Chinese. while ajax

AJAX prevents repeated request submission.

When AJAX (jQuery) is used for asynchronous data request, to prevent users from repeatedly clicking the button for some reason, we need to disable the request submission button. Key Points: The attr and removeAttr functions of jQuery are mainly the

Ajax struts2 drop-down box assignment (applicable to all)

1. This Code is applicable to all drop-down lists. 2. All the drop-down lists of a project only need this public method; Step 1: Create an object bean; Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public class DictionaryBean { Private String value_Id; // The

Comprehensive Understanding of jquery ajax requests

Jquery encapsulates some ajax request methods, which are very practical. For example. AjaxComplete () -- when the request is complete. AjaxError () -- when the request fails. AjaxSend () -- append a function to execute the Ajax request.. AjaxStart ()

How to handle ajax cancellation of pending requests

When we switch the tab, if ajax technology is used, we will encounter the following situation: Click the tab1 option, the server sends an Ajax request to obtain the content data of this option tab1. If the request is being processed and you click

How does jquery implement the ajax interaction box (2)

Another form of linkage box, the linkage box on the right is generated using jquery This is based on the js method modified in the previous article. Let's take a look at the code on the page: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: event region: & Lt;

How does jquery implement the ajax interaction box (1)

Front-end page Copy codeThe Code is as follows: task category: AppendixJquery. select. jsCopy codeThe Code is as follows :/*Ajax three-level linkageDate:Settings parameter description-----FirstUrl: the URL for retrieving first-level

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