Some common JS (joneajax) methods are used to obtain DOM objects, Ajax operations, and read/write cookies.

/*************************************** ***************************************** Joneajax obtains DOM objects, Ajax operations, and reads and writes cookies.* @ Author Roddy * @ Site* @ Version 1.0.0***************

Nbear case source code-simple Ajax message board [updated 10/31 powered by nbear v3.0.0 Preview]

Release nbear-based simple Ajax message board case source code. VersionV1.1 [updated 10/31 powered by nbear v3.0.0 Preview] Running EnvironmentASP. NET 2.0, SQL Server 2000/2005 express or msaccess Default Administrator Password: Admin

About Ajax, we have seen more articles, less posts about its security than others!

How can we use Ajax?ArticleMore posts about its security issues than others!I found that there are many security vulnerabilities! However, I did not see a good solution, but I found two Ajax frameworks for. Net:Ajax framework (1) weborb for. net

Deploy the dnn module using Ajax on the. NET 2.0 site


Deploy the dnn module using Ajax on the. NET 2.0 site First, use vs2008 to access this site and automatically prompt whether to upgrade to. Net 3.5. Yes.Then, the Web. config file has been automatically modified by vs2008. Next, upload and install

What does Ajax technology bring to us?

1. Development from c/s to B/S Software development, an important revolution in the past few years, is the transformation from the C/S mode to the B/S mode. The most direct advantage of the B/S method is the deployment and distribution. It no

Csshttprequest: Cross Domain Ajax request for easy

ArticleDirectory Examples examples. There are already several solutions for the cross-origin problem of asynchronous HTTP requests, such as jsonp and window. name. It seems quite troublesome without looking at them carefully. You

Blog Park also Ajax

With the release of ASP. NET Ajax 1.0 Beta 2, the garden has set off an Ajax craze. So much attention is paid to Ajax, and it is a bit difficult to say that the blog has not yet used Ajax. I improved my blog from last night. Program, Use ASP. NET

Summary of Web Ajax application internationalization and garbled characters

I can see that N people on csdn asked the same question, Ajax garbled characters, and so on. I 'd like to make a summary. If not, please advise. The environment I am talking about is web applications, and other Web development

Jquery1.4 + Ajax IE8 Memory leakage

Upgrade jquery1.2.6 to jquery1.4. After several days of work, the Ajax polling page is not closed. The next morning, the memory is exhausted. It is found that this memory leakage does not exist on IE6 (IE7 is not tested) and IE8 exists. Jquery1.3

Prototype User Guide-Ajax. js

Like many developers who used this class library before, at the beginning, I had to read prototype. js Source code And experiment with its functions. The Ajax. js in prototype provides a very useful Ajax framework. Code You can. New Ajax.

Ajax implementation calls the server-side Method

1. Add an application (Ajax. dll ).2. Configure web. config. System . Web > Httphandlers > Add Verb = "Post, get" Path = "Ajax/*. ashx" Type = "Ajax. pagehandlerfactory, Ajax"   /> Httphandlers >

Ajax Control Toolkit is released

Ajax Control Toolkit is releasedHttp:// 10301 Production March-01-20072 files Description 2007-03-01

How to Set special requestheader in Ajax requests

Now Ajax is widely used and there are many good Ajax frameworks available. Ajax is an asynchronous request and mainly a client script behavior. So, how do I add some special header information for the request before the request? The following is a

Preliminary use of AJAX

Ajax is short for "Asynchronous JavaScript + XML", that is, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML processing. In principle, AJAX can call httprequest to Implement Asynchronous Communication with the server, and finally implement a rich and friendly user

ASPxGridView and AJAX Extensions ToolBox are not compatible

Http://   Created by Herbert Illedits at 2007/12/11 14:44:46Attachment: (211136 bytes) When I create a page using the 'callbackpanel 'controll and into the CallbackPanel the ms ajax

-Implement Ajax-based unlimited menus (loads)

This is an ajax tutorial in China. This tutorial is available everywhere. I will focus on a framework I have built myself. Features: Supports Form-based non-transient submission (the method is a bit stupid) Supports the MVC framework. Multi-thread

Handle the issue that the rollback of the scroll bar remains unchanged in the master page and AJAX Environment

Handle the issue that the rollback of the scroll bar remains unchanged in the master page and AJAX Environment When dealing with the scroll bar of the TreeView list, I found that many popular processing methods have no effect, but it is not feasible

Zhuanzai: AJAX: How to create a "Processing" modal window using UpdateProgress and Modal

Originally posted as "AJAX: Como crear una ventana..." in Spanish on December 13th 2007. A few days ago I had need to implement some functionality based on AJAX technology in a Web application that I was developing. when a request is sent to the

AJAX Asynchronization and callback

In a common request/response model, for example, Web 1.0, a client (code running on a browser or local machine) sends a request to the server. The request is synchronous. In other words, the client waits for the response from the server. When the

Getting started with Ajax Programming

Source: TechTarget IT expert network ( /)   I. Main reasons for using Ajax 1. Better User experience through appropriate Ajax applications; 2. Transfer the previous server workload to the client, which facilitates the

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