Ajax framework -- extjs

I. Overview: Extjs is a very good Ajax framework that can be used to develop rich client applications with gorgeous appearances, making our B/S applications more dynamic and vital. Extjs is a front-end Ajax framework written in Javascript that is

Ajax support in jquery User Manual (8)

$. Ajax (PROP) uses an Ajax request to return to remote data. Prop is a hash table that can transmit the following key/value types. (string) type: Data Transmission Method (get or post ). (string) URL: the URL of the data request page (string)

Jquery start point: Ajax (4)

In this section, we have written a small Ajax application, which can rate something (translated as keel Note: voting for something), just as we saw on Youtube.com.First, we need some servers.CodeIn this example, a PHP file is used to read the rating

Graphic full-text retrieval of SOLR's cool applications [Ajax SOLR]

Ajax SOLR is a SOLR-based application library implemented using the client JavaScript library. It provides a wide range of application functions. Ajax SOLR is a client-side JavaScript library that can access SOLR via its rest-like interface. SOLR

Microsoft Ajax minifier

ArticleDirectory When the project is to be released, because JavaScript and CSS Code adopts a standard form in the Development era, such as annotations and injection, the size of these files is relatively large, to reduce network traffic

Microsoft Ajax version history, functions, and reference resources

Microsoft Ajax version history Vs2005 Atlas: Original version codeAsp.net 2.0 Ajax extensions: Release version, which is included in vs2005sp1ASP. NET Ajax library-client JS script LibraryASP. NET Ajax extensions-server-side control.

Previous Code series-Ajax and JSON drop-down list box

ArticleDirectory Front-end page Background page -- manually splice JSON strings CodeTest use Front-end page Ajax and JSON Background page -- manually splice JSON strings Using System; Using System.

How to update pages when Ajax get is not supported

VaR url = "newlist. asp? Id = "+ escape (ID) + math. Random (); Due to the cache Processing Mechanism of IE, if the URL of each request in the get method is the same (the parameters are also the same), ie will call the page in the client cache,

Simple Ajax Functions

VaR XMLHTTP Function showhint (STR){If (Str. Length = 0){Document. getelementbyid ("txthint"). innerhtml = ""Return}XMLHTTP = getxmlhttpobject ()If (XMLHTTP = NULL){Alert ("browser does not support HTTP request ")Return}VaR url = "gethint. php"Url

Ajax. dll and ajaxpro. dll usage

Application of ASP. NET ajaxpro 1. First download the ajaxpro component. And reference ajaxpro. DLL to the website (or project ). 2. modify web. config. Add the following to the element:Code. 3. Register ajaxpro during the page_

Struts2 + JSON + Ajax

Implement instant communication between the foreground and the background. 1. It is best to pass the action in the URL in $. Ajax by the parameter. Front-end onload = "load ('$ (cardaction )')"; JScript Code highlighting produced by

The progress of the "one-time" strange problem: finding the cause, the Ajax request interruption finally solved the "one-time" strange problem: when ie met. NET Framework 4.5

Note: The problem has been solved. For details, refer to the solution to the "one time in a hundred years" strange problem. Cause After one day of fighting yesterday, I finally found the cause of the strange problem before dinner. (For details

A simple and practical Ajax example

When I learned about Ajax, I made the following simple Ajax example. I didn't use any dynamic language. It was completely HTML and Javascript. As for the server Source, I had to be a thief.Www.cc168.com.cn(Great Wall Securities) Open Fund daily net

Publish a simple and compact Ajax operation class

I want to publish a self-compiled Ajax framework (with examples. However, I read the article mentioned in the previous sentence. Article Some of the following comments are a little scared. Therefore, it must be affirmed that this is a simple and

Microsoft Ajax client library standard instance

Msdn help: MS-help: // Ms. VSCC. v90/ms. msdnqtr. v90.chs/dv_vwdcon/html/285e3a65-b42e-42c5-952d-baf184057899.htm Type. registernamespace (" Demo "); Demo. Person = Function (Firstname, lastname, emailaddress ){ This . _ Firstname = firstname;

Extends the jquery Ajax request error mechanism to implement message feedback on the server.

Jquery enables us to develop Ajax applicationsProgramIt increases the efficiency and reduces many compatibility issues. However, after a long time, we can't do without it. For example, the simple jquery Ajax request encapsulation makes us forget the

Top 10 Ajax security vulnerabilities and causes

Javascript Ajax is an important component of Web applications. The evolution of this Part has turned the network into a super platform. The transformation also gave birth to new varieties of viruses and worms, such as yamanner, Samy, and spaceflash.

Solve the Problem of IE caching in Ajax calls

Problems found during Ajax request calling: the background request is simple. this page has not considered the impact of caching. When using Ajax for debugging, it is found that sometimes the background is not used. Code The result is returned

Who can guarantee Ajax website security?

Ensure Ajax applications Program Security is a new challenge for anyone who develops or manages Web Services. The core of most Ajax applications is the Javascript XMLHTTPRequest object, which allows web pages to independently connect to users' web

How to solve Ajax type, sys undefined

I haven't moved Ajax for a long time. I suddenly encountered a lot of problems when I was using it. I was prompted that the type was undefined and SYS was undefined. In fact, I have encountered this problem before and solved it. I forgot it after a

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