) Ajaxxmlhttp: Understand the rare HTTP requests used in Ajax.

Many Web developers only need to generate simple requests and receive simple responses. However, Ajax developers must fully understand the HTTP status.Code, Ready state, and XMLHttpRequest object. In this article, Brett McLaughlin will introduce you

Custom verification class (both client and server verification, supporting Ajax verification) [Open Source]

Recently, I was working on a small project and used a user registration. due to security concerns, the client and server are required to be verified at the same time. I used Microsoft's verification control in the project, I found it was really

Ajax error: 'sys 'does not define a solution.

Since Ajax v1.0.61025 is re-installed,ProgramError: 'sys 'undefined information.Finally, the problem is found.First, set the configuration in Web. config:.............. ............ Recompile and run. If an error still persists after web.

How to run javascript in innerhtml in Ajax

After referring to some previous practices, we adopted some workarounds and added some additional tags to better implement JavaScript running in innerhtml, so that the modules on the page can Good interaction and data sharing. Let's take a look

Application of IFRAME in Ajax

Asp.net MVC supports Ajax well, but for those who use vs2005 to develop Ajax as elegantly as Asp.net MVCProgramThere are too many things to implement by yourself. I used IFRAME to implement Ajax effects without making major changes to the projects

Conquer the security threats of Ajax applications


Ajax, that is, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a key technology in Web 2.0. It allows separating the interaction between users and web pages from the communication between Web browsers and servers. In particular, AJAX can drive mashup. mashup

JSF and Ajax: use rational application developer V7 to easily implement Web 2.0 applications

Ajax is the most popular technology on the Internet today, because it is called the cornerstone of Web 2.0. Unfortunately, creating an Ajax application ProgramIt is not easy, especially when you need to integrate with other frameworks, such as

Ajax and XML: drawing on the best Ajax applications

Follow this article to explore some of the top Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax) applications in the Web 2.0 world Program. Discover the secrets of successful applications at the user level, discover various skills, and develop your own Web 2.0

Automatic UI test of Silverlight/aspx/ajax/MVC

Automated Testing of the Web Front-end generally requires simulating mouse clicks, keyboard input, automatic browser page navigation, and other functions. The key is to automatically record and play back the entire test process. Vs2010 SP2 has

Use ajax.net to design the report for executing current operations

We know that some reports are too slow in computing, so we will let a page first calculate and cache it in one place, and then let the customer read the cache because the speed is too slow, I want to reflect in the computing module which is being

Ajax framework -- extjs

I. Overview: Extjs is a very good Ajax framework that can be used to develop rich client applications with gorgeous appearances, making our B/S applications more dynamic and vital. Extjs is a front-end Ajax framework written in Javascript that is

How to solve Ajax type, sys undefined

I haven't moved Ajax for a long time. I suddenly encountered a lot of problems when I was using it. I was prompted that the type was undefined and SYS was undefined. In fact, I have encountered this problem before and solved it. I forgot it after a

Use Ajax. Net in static pages to implement refreshing pages

I. Introduction We know that the Asp.net ApplicationProgramThe fact is running on the server. User requests must be sent continuously to a remote server. After the server executes a local program, it reloads the page and then sends the client. So

Ajax initial experience (1)

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), in my understanding, is JavaScript and XML executed asynchronously. Its core is XMLHttpRequest, which is a combination of multiple technologies, including JavaScript, XHTML and CSS, Dom, XML and xstl, and

Community Server Series 4: Application of Ajax in cs2.0 1

 AjaxTechnology is very popular nowadays, of course inCs2.0This technology is also applied,CS2No third party is usedAjaxControl, which provides us with a researchAjaxThe Mechanism is good.CS2MediumAjaxAnd analyzes the principle of the application.

Build a secure future for Ajax mashup

The current web browser design cannot easily and securely obtain content from multiple sources and display it on the page. Learn how developers can make full use of available tools to complete the task, and use these tools for the obtained

W3C Web standards and Ajax recognized from Gmail

It is undeniable that W3C Web page standards were attractive when they first came out. At that time, due to the emergence of Firefox, it impacted the browser market, so that everyone set off a storm of Web Page standards for the sake of a small Fox.

Understanding Ajax, Part 1: Using JSON for data transmission

In asynchronous applications ProgramWhen sending and receiving information, you can select plain text and XML as the data format. This phase of understanding Ajax discusses another useful data format, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and how to

Another way of thinking: Solve the Problem of incompatibility between Ajax programs and IE7

Problem proposal Recently planned to restructure the Web technology site, a small test, with PHP + xajax to achieve a simple function of small page (http://www.netpu.net/test/test.php ). I never thought that this page has been normal for firfox

Crossing Borders: Ajax on rails

Transfer from IBM technical website The hype of Ajax, a technology that makes web pages more interactive, has become overwhelming. The strength of the perfect integration of Ruby on Rails and Ajax has contributed to the prosperity of the framework

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