Ajax in my eyes

Ajax was so popular last year. As the core technology of the web era, I have been engaged in winform and Windows Mobile Application Development. Although I know little about web development, however, I have never learned to develop a web system like

Learning the Ajax framework of dojo: Section 7 -- first understanding of dojo widgets (with source code)

Widgets appear in more and more web applications. So, what is a widget? What are the markup methods used by widgets to declare them? Can widgets be dynamically created? What are the common methods and attributes of widgets ?...... This series of

Learning Ajax framework-Dojo: section 4-Implementation of the drag-and-drop effect of dojo (with source code)

In the dojo. DND package, Dojo provides support for the drag and drop effects of page elements. The key classes used to achieve the drag effect are as follows. dojo. DND. htmldragsource dojo. DND. htmldragmovesource dojo. DND.

Learning the Ajax framework of dojo: Section 2-basic functions of dojo and examples of use (with source code)

Collecting related dojo materials from the Internet is always daunting. The first hello World made a lot of things, such as widgets, Custom Script labels, and CSS files to be introduced, such as djconfig and dojo. require. According to the examples

Ajax development tools

This book will introduce the concepts and working principles of Ajax, so even if you are not familiar with Ajax, you can quickly understand this popular technology. Next we will introduce the concept of the Atlas framework and introduce how Atlas

Analysis of the top ten reasons why Ajax becomes "fashion"

Now, Ajax is the most fashionable technology under the eyes. Of course, some people think that there is a lot of hype. It is estimated that no one on both sides can convince anyone. So let's take a look at why Ajax emerged at this time, and why it

Learning Ajax framework-Dojo: Section 12th -- General widgets of dojo (below) (with source code)

Now let's take a look at the usage of other widgets.   1. Fisheye: "fish eye" animation effect Fisheye is a special animation effect. When the mouse moves close to the icon, the Icon size increases and eventually reaches the following:  

Getting started with jquery [5]-Ajax

Jquery entry [1]-Constructor Jquery entry [2]-Selector Jquery entry [3]-Events Getting started with jquery [4]-chained code Getting started with jquery [5]-Ajax Jquery entry [6]-Animation Jquery provides rich support for Ajax. For more

Top 10 Ajax frameworks (ranking in no particular order)

No1-Prototype Features: a very elegantJSLibrary, definedJSObject-oriented extension,DomOperationAPI, Events, and so on.Rico/script. aculo. UsImplementJSComponent functions and effects(Not perfect yet),PrototypeAs the core, forming a variety of

Basic Ajax tutorial

Create an instance of the XMLHTTPRequest object (you only need to check whether the browser supports ActiveX controls) VaR XMLHTTP; Function createxmlhttprequest () { If (window. activexobject) { XMLHTTP = new activexobject

Secure Ajax Login

Before the summer vacation, I strolled online and went to coolcode somehow. CN, I saw andot's article "design and implementation scheme of Secure Login System", which was deeply inspired and decided to apply it in practice. However, the article only

Use ajax to call the soap web service. Part 1: Construct a web service client

James Snell (jasnell@us.ibm.com), software engineer, emerging technology, IBM James Snell is a designer and Strategy expert in the emerging Internet technologies team in the IBM software group. In this group, he played a positive role in the

When jquery Ajax returns data, FF is normal. ie receives the data but cannot display it.

The method is $ ("# ID" ).html (data), but IE is not displayed successfully. Is there no problem in FF? Why    Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/-->1 2 3 4 5 6 7 17 18 19 20

Use Atlas to simplify client Ajax Programming

Microsoft developed a new technology called Atlas for Ajax, which allows browsers to integrate with ASP. NET at will. In this column, we will explain that the architecture of Atlas has made it easier for users to have a better understanding of Atlas

Learning Ajax frameworks-Dojo: Section 11th-General widgets of dojo (I) (with source code)

A general widget is a set of common widgets provided by dojo. The functions implemented by each general widget are relatively independent. Let's take a look at the widgets. 1. Tree: tree menu When explaining the accordioncontainer of the dojo layout

Learning Ajax framework-Dojo: Section 1-ATF configuration and dojo instance Resources

You need to learn how to view the source code and analyze the code to obtain the basic information. This is also a small progress, at least know your next task. Start learning dojo 001 ".   First, the most important thing here isEnvironment

Learning Ajax framework-Dojo: Section 3-XMLHTTP usage in Dojo (with source code)

In section 2, we introduced a simple Dom operation method. Next we should go to the traditional Ajax project-XMLHttpRequest. When using XMLHttpRequest, you need to pay attention to the encoding problem. What should I do if I want to bind dojo to UTF-

Learning Ajax framework-Dojo: Section 10-form widgets of dojo (with source code)

In the previous section 8, I learned about the dojo layout widget. Today, we learn another type of dojo widget-form widget. Form widgets are a set of widgets provided by dojo for form processing, including the following widgets: 1.Editor: Visual

Use the Ajax framework to drag and drop list items and display data

This article inherits the "Implementation of drag-and-drop lists", the "display of Dynamically Loaded data in the form of lists", and the "use Dom to parse XML files" function to further extend the function. Instance Background: each list item is

Learning Ajax framework-dojo: section 9-Details of FloatingPane widgets (with source code)

The previous section 8 describes the layout widget used for page layout of the Dojo widget. Layout widgets include nine widgets. Section 8 illustrates the usage of these nine widgets, but does not go into depth. With continuous learning and

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