Ajax Control Toolkit error-cocould not load file or assembly 'vjslib, version =, culture = N

While I was compiling the Ajax control Tookit, I am getting the following error. Error 1 cocould not load file or assembly 'vjslib, version =, culture = neutral, publickeytoken = b03f5f7f11d50a3a 'or one of its dependencies. the system

Top 10 Ajax frameworks (ranking in no particular order)

No1-Prototype Features: a very elegantJSLibrary, definedJSObject-oriented extension,DomOperationAPI, Events, and so on.Rico/script. aculo. UsImplementJSComponent functions and effects(Not perfect yet),PrototypeAs the core, forming a variety of

Basic Ajax tutorial

Create an instance of the XMLHTTPRequest object (you only need to check whether the browser supports ActiveX controls) VaR XMLHTTP; Function createxmlhttprequest () { If (window. activexobject) { XMLHTTP = new activexobject

[Challenge limit] the shortest Ajax creation code

In the afternoon, I wrote an article about loading scripts in the shortest address bar. However, it's just entertaining. I just remembered that it would be better to shorten the code that is often used at ordinary times, so now I am writing and

Class Ajax applications, JavaScript cross-origin access

I have an application similar to Ajax here. The key technology is the application of the src attribute of the test Number of historical visitors: click" test "to obtain data Number of visitors today: click test to obtain data sunshine

Yahoo Yui Ajax Toolkit

Yui Introduction Yahoo recently launched the Yui Ajax toolkit, and Yahoo published a series of Ajax design patterns. yahoo's sdks are Ajax sdks launched by Yahoo after it acquired multiple Web websites. The Code annotations are well written and the

Cross-origin problem Cross Site Ajax [reprint]

Reprinted from: http://blog.joycode.com/saucer/archives/2006/10/03/84572.joyCross Site Ajax was published in October 03, 2006 by saucer In general, for security, the browser does not allow you to access other domains on the client through

A simple example of Using ajax to obtain time on the server

First, you must reference a class library ajaxpro2.dll, Register Ajax in the background code on the page, create a serverservice class, and add the [ajaxmethod] label to the class method. Ajaxpro. Utility. registertypeforajax (typeof (serverservice);

Core of AJAX

XMLHTTPRequest object is the technical basis of all Ajax and Web 2.0 applications today. Although software dealers and open-source communities are currently providing various Ajax frameworks to further simplify the use of XMLHttpRequest objects, we

Ajax development tool recommendation

We recommend several useful tools for Ajax development. 1. firebug (Firefox plug-in)The advantage of this tool is that it can be debugged in real time and can be seen immediately after modification. It is definitely a good tool for debugging Ajax

Ajax world Hall of Fame

Document directory Brendan eich John resig Alex Russell Dion almaer Dylan schiann Jack slocum Ben Galbraith Greg Wilkins Brendan eich Brendan eich is CTO of the Mozilla Corp. and widely recognizedHis enduring contributions to

10 awesome Ajax and JavaScript instance resource websites

Today, I would like to recommend 10 excellent foreign resource websites or blogs for Ajax and Javascript. They provide a lot of high-quality Ajax and JavaScript instances and tutorials, those who like Ajax and JavaScript must not miss it.  1. Ajax

10 ajax/JavaScript special effect instances make your website more attractive

Today's topic is how to improve the interface of your website or improve the visual experience of your website, so that users can still remember it. There are three main methods (from hard to easy): writing scripts by yourself; using JavaScript

About Ajax technology

The popular Ajax is not a new technology. It is just a combination of old technologies. You can see from its full name that AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (and DHTML) that is, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. To understand how Ajax works,

Ajax in ArcGIS Web Application Development Framework (ADF)

I hope you will understand the built-in Ajax in. Net well before reading this article. If you do not understand it very well, I suggest you read my previous blog post. Net built-in Ajax working principles first. The Web application development

Two Methods for Ajax to open a request (get, post)

Ajax has three methods to open services: Get, post, and head. Head is mainly used to obtain information about some header files on the server, such as charset and cont-type. The first two methods are discussed here, which are frequently used in

. Net built-in Ajax Working Principle

You can use the clientscriptmanager class to call the client callback (callback) when you want to run the server code from the client without executing the PostBack operation ). This is called an out-of-band callback to the server. In the client

Simple custom Ajax class for Ajax callback

Every time Ajax callback is implemented, an XMLHTTPRequest object needs to be obtained, and then a callback function is written to determine the readystate and status in the callback function, which is cumbersome, so I thought of an API to include

Secure Ajax Login

Before the summer vacation, I strolled online and went to coolcode somehow. CN, I saw andot's article "design and implementation scheme of Secure Login System", which was deeply inspired and decided to apply it in practice. However, the article only

Use ajax to call the soap web service. Part 1: Construct a web service client

James Snell (jasnell@us.ibm.com), software engineer, emerging technology, IBM James Snell is a designer and Strategy expert in the emerging Internet technologies team in the IBM software group. In this group, he played a positive role in the

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