The fake Ajax does not support Chinese naming of project names?

A project once worked well. Today, when I used Ajax controlsSYS. webforms. pagerequestmanagerservererrorexception: an unknown error occurred while processing the request on the server. The status code returned from the server was: 404. No solution

Ajax post submission

Protected void page_load (Object sender, eventargs E){Response. contenttype = "text/plain "; String objstr = request. Form ["objstr"]. tostring (); Response. Write ("Hello World" + objstr ); Response. End ();} In addition, Ajax does not

Share 10 very useful Ajax plug-ins

This articleArticleI would like to share with you 10 very useful Ajax plug-ins for image, paging, and navigation. These authors have novel ideas and hope you can find the plug-ins you need.1. AJAX-ZOOM A very powerful plug-in that allows you to

The Ajax request returns undefined in IE.

This problem occurs again. Previously, due to the fact that the contenttype header was not uniformly specified when the backend PHP inputs JSON, it caused some special pitfalls. Today, I stepped on the logic of the rebuild layer, although it was

[Ajax e-book collection] Ajax eBooks colletion

Ajax design patterns (oreilly_2006.6). CHM Ajax hacks (oreilly, 2006). CHM   Ajax on Java (O 'reil feb.2007). CHM Understanding Ajax   Ajax, rich Internet applications and web development for programmers (deitel, 2008). CHM   Ajax and

Correctly load and parse XML with JQ Ajax

1, Content-Type In many cases, the Content-Type issue cannot be resolved. Skip this step if it is an XML file. The dynamically generated XML must be set to text/XML. Otherwise, text/html is the common text by default. Set Content-Type in common

A simple Ajax example

Although there is a framework, many Ajax calls can directly call their APIs. But in some extreme cases, such as interviews, such as third-party applications that do not want to load these libraries, we only have to write them by ourselves. At this

An Ajax Error

Let's talk about the story and the idea. A friend of mine is a website and uses jquery's Ajax method to load an HTML file from the backend.CodeThen, it is dynamically inserted into the DIV component of the webpage. This is so common. Jquery's

Introduction to native Ajax (including instances)

Compared with Ajax encapsulation of jquery, Yui, and some other class libraries, the Ajax of native JS is so embarrassing and has poor compatibility. remember a lot of method attributes and the call is not convenient, Code Bloated... but I still

Simple Ajax request ASPX page

Here we just made a simple string and didn't do XML processing.   I used to make Ajax requests by myself. The ashx page today I requested the ASPX page and found a problem.   Using system;Using system. Web;Using system. Data;Using system.

I figured out why I couldn't find the server control in the Ajax method.

The server control depends on pageload, and only the page submits their request server. If there is no pageload, they will not request the server, so Ajax does not go through pageload, and the server does not know what they are doing. Therefore,

[Ajax/security] unable to merge into the hosts case or organize web. Extensions 1.0 Solution

Background in my project: When I am still using the vs development project, both dynamic compilation and pre-compilation are supported using the vs compilation method. When vs is upgraded to a development project of 2010, the following error series tutorial 1: deploy Ajax. net

This seriesArticleIn fact, it is not a tutorial. It can only be used as the next study note. All content is taken from the "How do I? "Series video tutorials. In the following explanation, I will list the corresponding video tutorials. Competent

Solution: Ajax polls cross-origin WebService.

Currently, there are several workflow systems. Each system provides a query of the number of jobs through WebService. The number of jobs can be completed in the following ways. That is to say, each WebService has at least three functions

Ajax basics: briefly introduces how to use data islands

Data island refers to the XML in the HTML webpage. Code Segment, which forms a data set in HTML. Data island allows us to integrate XML into HTML webpages,Write scripts for XML.Data island has its own form. It starts with the tag XML and must have

Ajax is not mysterious: uncover various Ajax controls and Class Libraries

There are too many Ajax controls and class libraries now. Without knowing it, the mystery and complexity of Ajax have been added. Many people in the version are puzzled and worried about this, I decided to post this post to talk about my views on

Implement the Ajax client and server layer

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML) is rapidly becoming a fashionable technology that can be used for Web applications running in browsers. Program Provides desktop-quality software features ...... This article describes some of the development

Solve Chinese garbled characters in 1.0!

When using ajax.netWhen the requestencoding code is gb2312 during updatepanel, garbled characters appear. IfThe simplest way to solve this problem is to use UTF-8. But what should I do if I can't change it to UTF-8 now when I used gb2312?I

Button Ajax request, click twice to submit the question

The button type on the page is submit: Ajax requests in jquery are: $ ( Function (){ $ ('# Submit'). Click ( Function (){ VaR Creategenreform = $ ('# creategenreform '); If (Creategenreform. Valid ()){ VaR OBJ = { Name: $ ('# name'). Val (

Six precautions for Ajax applications

When I came into contact with Ajax, the Ajax support was not very good at that time. It involved the underlying layer and there was no ready-made framework to call for you. List the following common problems.1. Encoding ProblemsNote that the file to

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