10 useful Ajax Web plug-ins (iteye)

This article describes ten useful Ajax Web plug-ins. 1. AJAX-ZOOM Image Scaling and moving to the gallery. 360 ° rotation, full screen view. Online demonstration 2. (MB) verticalslider A good tool for displaying a long list. All internal

Use ajax to asynchronously improve web application interaction (Xu Chengyu)

(Taiyuan Railway Bureau Information Technology Department, Taiyuan 030013 ) Abstract: traditional Web applications cannot provide the same rich client functions as desktop applications. While Ajax technology is an effective solution. This

Ajax is not a technology (a good entry to Ajax)


Ajax is not a technology. It is actually a combination of several popular technologies in their respective fields. Ajax mixed: The following is a reference clip * Based on XHTML/CSS. * Dom (Document Object Model) enables Dynamic Display and

Use Ajax technology to display a progress bar without refreshing webpages

It is not difficult to display a progress bar without refreshing a page on a webpage. However, if the progress bar accurately reflects the execution progress of the current transaction or complex logic, this is not an easy task. Currently, Ajax

Ajax asynchronously changes the database

I made a small website some time ago and it was quite nice to have a small function in it. I would like to share it with you and ask you not to laugh at your ignorance. This function looks like this: Click the category name to modify the

Ajax asynchronously checks whether the user name exists

When registering a user on any website, the system checks whether the user already exists. A long time ago, the processing method was to submit all the data to the server for verification. Obviously, this method had a poor user experience. Later,

Conversion of Ajax technical framework and development tools

Common Ajax frameworks include: DWR-web remotingBuffalo-web remoting (based on prototype)Prototype-js oo LibraryOpenrico-js UI component (based on prototype)Dojo-js library and UI componentQooxdoo-js UI component (C/S Style)Yul-js UI component

Crawler Ajax web page (Cobra)

Http://lobobrowser.org/cobra.jspPages with JS logic pose a major obstacle to crawling web crawler information. The DOM tree can be fully presented only when JavaScript logic is executed. Sometimes, parse the modified DOM tree of JavaScript. After

Simple implementation of jquery-style Ajax

Ajax is already a very old topic. Now all kinds of frameworks have mature encapsulation, so that developers can skillfully Create Ajax-based applications at a low learning cost. The disadvantages here are also obvious. A considerable number of

Rails notes Ajax

ArticleDirectory Ajax Web2.0 DOM interface !!! Take a look at the Javascript documentation Javascript Effect ... The following content needs to be familiar with JavaScript. I have decided not to study it further. Ajax Web2.0

[Trigger by mistake] JavaScript asynchronous form submission, Image File Upload, and compatibility with asynchronous analog Ajax technology (compatible with IE, FF, opera, chrome, Safari)

Preface: I think the title is still quite long. There are many other functions. In fact, the simplification is just a function. asynchronous form submission only supports Image Upload under the big function of asynchronous form submission,

Jquery Ajax implements the animation effect before loading data

$ (Document). Ready (function (){$. Ajax ({Type: "Get ",Cache: false,URL: "ajaxpage. aspx? T = getcity ",Datatype: "JSON ",Beforesend: function (){$ ("# Vvv"). append (' ');},Success: function (data ){$ ("# City" pai.html (data.info); // Add the

Ajax in Google

I recently studied JavaScript and Ajax and suddenly saw an articleArticleI think it is very enlightening. Although it was a long time ago, I still think it is worth reading. From Andrew WANG, address http://blog.csdn.net/andydevelope/archive/2006/0

Ajax mode and Practice

I recently read the book "ajax mode and Practice". I thought it would bring me a lot of gains if I published it from the perspective of Bo Wen! However, I have read more than half of them, but I don't feel anything really shining. I don't know if I

Example of basic Ajax principles part. II

We usually use the teachsamples database to have a bbc_country table. Now we need to use Ajax technology for an application: To create an HTML page, we can refresh the data changes in the bbc_country table, including the addition, deletion, and

The msdn beginner center has released a Chinese Ajax toolkits tutorial.

I visited the msdn beginner's center a few days ago and accidentally found another Chinese tutorial. This official translation is the Ajax control tutorial, which mainly introduces the Ajax Control Toolkit, a total of 46 articles. For friends who

Some defects in Ajax requests

This article is a real essay. It refers to what I wrote when I was writing a front-end optimization ppt and what I wrote to which I was going to produce a copy of the stuff... lazy sorting... so release it to the zookeeper.   Ajax Optimization

Google Ajax library API

Google's Ajax libraries API has been released on the http://code.google.com/apis, Google Ajax library itself is just a content delivery network (Content Distribution Network) and the popular JavaScript Library Loading framework (loading architecture

Ajax usage preliminary (. NET)

Ajax is short for "Asynchronous JavaScript + XML", that is, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML processing. In principle, AJAX can call httprequest to Implement Asynchronous Communication with the server, and finally implement a rich and friendly user

Using the plug-in ajaxfileupload to upload files through Ajax, an error occurred in Firefox

In the past, the website had to implement an online file preview function, in which Ajax was used for background management. I am using a jquery plug-in ajaxfileupload. jsToday, my colleague suddenly reported an error (we used Firefox browsers

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