Solve the browser cache problem when using Ajax

In the latest project, Ajax is used to import and update data in batches. The first time the data is submitted normally, the same order is submitted later. The Order has been processed, but the interface still prompts that the order has not been

Example of source code for DOTNET with Ajax + XML

Available for download . Net often uses a three-level provincial/municipal LinkageCode, I dragged these files out. You can use them directly by referring to the following.It can help. NET developers save timeHelp: 1. Add HTML controls to the

Jquery Ajax implements the animation effect before loading data

$ (Document). Ready (function (){$. Ajax ({Type: "Get ",Cache: false,URL: "ajaxpage. aspx? T = getcity ",Datatype: "JSON ",Beforesend: function (){$ ("# Vvv"). append (' ');},Success: function (data ){$ ("# City" pai.html (; // Add the

Ajax mode and Practice

I recently read the book "ajax mode and Practice". I thought it would bring me a lot of gains if I published it from the perspective of Bo Wen! However, I have read more than half of them, but I don't feel anything really shining. I don't know if I

Example of basic Ajax principles part. II

We usually use the teachsamples database to have a bbc_country table. Now we need to use Ajax technology for an application: To create an HTML page, we can refresh the data changes in the bbc_country table, including the addition, deletion, and

The msdn beginner center has released a Chinese Ajax toolkits tutorial.

I visited the msdn beginner's center a few days ago and accidentally found another Chinese tutorial. This official translation is the Ajax control tutorial, which mainly introduces the Ajax Control Toolkit, a total of 46 articles. For friends who

Some defects in Ajax requests

This article is a real essay. It refers to what I wrote when I was writing a front-end optimization ppt and what I wrote to which I was going to produce a copy of the stuff... lazy sorting... so release it to the zookeeper.   Ajax Optimization

Google Ajax library API

Google's Ajax libraries API has been released on the, Google Ajax library itself is just a content delivery network (Content Distribution Network) and the popular JavaScript Library Loading framework (loading architecture

Ajax usage preliminary (. NET)

Ajax is short for "Asynchronous JavaScript + XML", that is, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML processing. In principle, AJAX can call httprequest to Implement Asynchronous Communication with the server, and finally implement a rich and friendly user

A new understanding of the $. Ajax method in jquery

The person who uses jquery for Web Front-end development believes that. the Ajax method is no stranger, and I have been using it, but I have never gotten into the meaning of each of the parameters, such as The async parameter to be mentioned today.

Use Ajax as an RSS Scanner

In the past two days, Ajax was used as an RSS reader to learn about Ajax usage.   The technology is not moldy until the sun is dried out. Ajax seems a lot unfamiliar, alas. No way. The main interface is still ugly. Haha ...... The

Use ajax to submit data in MVC. Use the jquery Ajax method to pass values to the action.

Upload values to action using jquery Ajax Script Type = "Text/JavaScript" > $ (Document). Ready ( Function () {$ ( " # BTN " ). Click ( Function () {$. Ajax ({type: ' Post ' , URL: " /Home/myajax " , Data: {val1: $ ( " # Txt1

How to manage massive Ajax requests?

With the popularity of Ajax, Ajax is now widely used in projects. It can be said that AJAX is widely used. It is difficult to manage because of a large number of Ajax requests. As a result, we often send requests in a unified manner, with a unique

How to load Ajax content into current colorbox window?

I'm searching for the answer for three days in a row already. the matter is that I have a page, links on which shocould load colorbox with Ajax content that in its turn contains links that shocould be loaded in the same colorbox modal window. so far

Self-made operation drop-down list box (select) Three jquery plug-ins (Ajax fill, linkage, add options)

The first is the Ajax filling plug-in filloptions. This plug-in can obtain data through Ajax and add the data to the drop-down list box. The data format supports XML and JSON formats. The plug-in definition is as follows: Filloptions (URL,

Introduction to XMLHttpRequest in Ajax

Before using the XMLHTTPRequest object to send requests and process responses, you must use JavaScript to create an XMLHTTPRequest object. Because XMLHttpRequest is not a W3C standard, you can use JavaScript to create an XMLHttpRequest instance in

Jquery: Ajax submit form

The $. Ajax method of jquery can be called by Ajax. You need to set URL, post, parameters, and so on. If you want to submit an existing form, you need to write a lotCodeWhy not directly transfer form submission to Ajax. Previous Handling Methods

Ajax Selection and Application in the. net2.0 environment (Demo source code download is provided)

Topic: Ajax Selection and Application in. net2.0 Environment Problems to be Solved: 1. Ajax application framework selection and performance comparison 2. How to Apply Ajax 3. problems that should be paid attention to during Ajax application

JS closure (jquery Ajax asynchronous multi-cycle application)

JS closure (reprinted) 1. What is a closure? The official explanation is that a closure is an expression (usually a function) with many variables and an environment bound to these variables. Therefore, these variables are part of the expression. I

Error debugging help information for jquery. Ajax

Jquery. Ajax error debugging help information The following is a detailed list of Ajax parameters in jquery: Parameter Name Type Description URL String (Default: Current page address) the address of the

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