Ajax framework list

You are welcome to continue to improve. Development tools: Ajax webshop Http: // www.AjaxWebShop. Cn (Supported in China) Framework resources:Microsoft Ajax http://ajax.asp.netJava blueprints-https://blueprints.dev.java.net/Protptype-http://www.

Share several JavaScript comments and voting controls in the open-open Ajax open-source project

Starbox Starbox allows you to easily create various types of rating boxes. This project is developed based on the prototype JavaScript framework and requires the scriptaculous framework for some special effects. Starbox Jquery Ajax

Get rid of ashx/asmx and use jquery. ajaxwebservice to request webmethod. Ajax processing is more concise.

General processing is required. Program (*. Ashx) or Web Service (*. asmx), and every Ajax request must create such a file. As a result, if there are more Ajax programs in a project, a bunch of files will inevitably be generated. ashx or. asmx,

Application of jquery and Ajax 2

1. Two global methods  $. Getscript (path, function (){}); Purpose: dynamically load the script. Path: scriptAddress. Callback: Optional. Run the script after the Javascript file is successfully loaded. Code: $ ( Function (){$. Getscript ( '

Atlas Tutorial: Creating an Ajax scribble application []

Use Ajax technology to write on the web!   Introduction ASP. net Atlas is a rich set of client side and server side libraries to develop Ajax-style applications using ASP. net. this tutorial (and probably more in this series) attempts to

The preferred Ajax framework for prototype. js lightweight web development (III)

This article mainly describes how to use Ajax in prototype. js for some small application development, without the Ajax principle. In prototype. JS, I will use two Ajax classes later. One isAjax. RequestAnother isAjax. Updater. Ajaxrequest

Ajax Control Toolkit use instance (3) balloonpopup

For details about the Ajax Control Toolkit toolkit and how to obtain it, see another article in this series: Ajax Control Toolkit example (1) autocompleteextender. Introduction to the balloonpopup Control The balloonpopup control displays a

Ajax Control Toolkit use instance (1) autocompleteextender

Introduction to Ajax Control Toolkit Ajax Control Toolkit is a rich set of controls that you can use to create Web applications with Ajax features featuring high response and high interoperabilityProgram. The Ajax control toolkit contains more

The preferred Ajax framework for prototype. js lightweight web development (I)

  Prototype. JS is a small JavaScript framework written by Sam Stephen enson (actually a function library), the Framework home page is: http://prototype.conio.net/ The following content is from the sources. Lu's blog: www. lvjiyong. com

The preferred Ajax framework for prototype. js lightweight Web Development (2)

Yesterday we shouldTry. These ()This function is also explained, because today we are talking about the encapsulated Ajax class library. Try. These ()And try {} catch {...} in C {.....}} the same function is to execute a series of functions in

Use ajax to make weather preparations

Index.html Article Address: Use Ajax technology to implement the weather forecast function Weather Forecast city: Wuhan Nanchang Haikou Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Yinchuan Zhengzhou Changsha Hangzhou Hong Kong Xi'an Chengdu Qingdao

EXT uses Ajax

Use Ajax After some pages are completed, you have understood the interaction principle between pages and scripts ). Next, you should know that, How to exchange data with a remote server, usually load data from a database or save data) To the

Extjs Ext. Ajax. Request ({}) Params:

VaR store = new Ext. Data. Store ({URL: "Hello. xml ",Reader: New Ext. Data. xmlreader ({Record: "row "},["ID", "name", "Organization", "Homepage"])}); Because the sote component accepts a parameter URL, if the URL is set, extjs creates an ext.

Ajax Chinese webpage special effect demonstration, RGB Color Conversion

Ajax Chinese webpage special effect demonstration, RGB color conversion         RGB color conversion   The following shows the effect display area! enter the RGB color value (0 to 255)  

The first time Ajax was used in the project, it was severely affected. updatepanel + Timer

ASP: updatepanel ID = "Updatepanel1" Runat = "Server" > Contenttemplate > ASP: Timer ID = "Timer1" Runat = "Server" Interval = "60000" Ontick = "Timereffectick" > ASP: Timer > Div Align

Use of my Ajax class (a simple asynchronous component)

This component can load webpage files asynchronously. It must be supported by the Ajax component I wrote earlier !. Its componentsCodeSource code of ajaxdiv. js Function $ (Objid) ... {ReturnDocument. getelementbyid (objid );}

Ajax cache Solution

Ajax cache solution repostedArticle, The original text is as follows: Projects sometimes use some Ajax effects, because it is relatively simple, there is no such thing as ajax.net, hand writingCodeThis is achieved. The next day, someone reported

Ajax-WebService returns list

WebService: UsingSystem. Web. Script. Services; [generatescripttype (Typeof(People)] [webmethod]PublicList getpeoplelist () {list List =NewList ();For(IntI = 0; I NewPeople (); p. Name ="I am"+ I. tostring (); list. Add (p );}ReturnList ;}  

Ajax-WebService returns a simple array

WebService: [Webmethod]Public String[] Getsimplearray (){String[] Cities = {"Beijing","Shanghai","Tianjin","Chongqing"};ReturnCities ;}   Scriptmanager: Sm"Runat ="Server"> ~ /Webservice2.asmx"/>   Page Control: Button"Value="Click

Ajax-WebService returns a custom class Array

Custom class: Public ClassPeople {Private StringName;Public StringName {Get{ReturnName ;}Set{Name =Value;}}Private StringPassword;Public StringPassword {Get{ReturnPassword ;}Set{Password =Value;}}}   WebService: [Webmethod]PublicPeople []

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