Why jquery Ajax is not called in IE

Today, we found that jquery 1.7.2 does not call the $. Get () method in IE8. 1. After debugging, I finally found that I checked IE and opened $. Get (). Will be called, and the second call will not work again. So I inferred that it was an IE cache

CGI: Ajax module (revised version)

CGI: Ajax module (revised version) Author:Jackycheng (Zeng xiaocheng) ModifyBy:NsnakeCopyright owned by original author Post:2006Year6Month12Day Modify:2006.6.22   Ajax, created by Jesse James Garret, is short for "Asynchronous

Ajax resource websites

1. Resource websites 1. Chinese website1) Ajax China (recommended)A professional Ajax technology website with clear categories, a large number of electronic tutorials, and Ajax source code downloads!Www.okajax.com 2) ajaxcn.orgInstructor Li's

Ajax Chinese garbled Solution

Solve the problem that garbled characters may occur when Ajax transmits Chinese characters. // If the transfer parameters are directly assigned, garbled characters are generated! Http_request.open ( " Post " , URL, True

In the Ajax accordion control, how to control the items that have been selected

In the Ajax accordion control, how to control the items that have been selected   The first item is always displayed when the accordion control is used. When different users display different items, how to control the items that you just clicked

How to change the position of the scroll bar after Ajax updatepanel is returned

The main method is: Use a hidden control to save the current scorll value. After return, reset Scroll Based on the value of scroll. 1. First, use the onscroll event to save the scorll value and use hiddenfield to record the scroll value. Code

Use Ajax scripts to retrieve data on the master page

Because the master page inherits from usercontrol, we cannot use jquey or Ajax pagemethods and other refreshing methods to retrieve data like normal pages. However, you can use the SYS. net. webrequest provided by ajax to solve this problem. The

7. jquery Function Learning (Ajax part)

  Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> Function: $. Ajax (properties)Function: access a remote page with an HTTP requestReturn Value: XMLHttpRequestParameters;(String) URL request

240 jquery Ajax plug-ins

240 jquery plug-ins Overview Jquery is another excellent JavaScript framework after prototype. Its purpose is to write lessCodeTo do more things. It is a lightweight JS Library (only 21 K after compression), which is not suitable for other JS

Magic Ajax) (modified)

I am looking for a lot of information about Ajax because I need to use the "no refreshing" method on the interface. Today, the manager recommends something to me called magic Ajax, it is an open-source control (open-source control is good). At first,

Ajax uploads form data and files

Currently, we have encountered a requirement that AJAX submits data and uploads files at the same time. It is found that formdata is a useful attribute. Below in MVCCodeIt is really amazing to directly submit form data and uploaded files to a model.

Javascript Ajax parsing XML is compatible with Firefox/IE

// Import the JS File Function getresult (URL, ready ){VaR XMLHTTP;VaR r = function (){ If (XMLHTTP. readystate = 4 ){If (XMLHTTP. Status = 200 ){// Alert (isie ); VaR xmlstr;VaR xmldoc;VaR isie = !! (Window. attachevent &&! Window. Opera );If (

Learning Ajax websites

1. Ajax daddy Http://www.ajaxdaddy.com/Ajax daddy collects a large number of beautiful Web2.0 tools. One of the features used is that before you apply an Ajax/JavaScript instance to your website, you can see the demo on it first. 2. ajaxrain

Ajax call of xmlwebservice in jquery

Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> Step 1: Return XML strings from the database Step 1: Return XML strings from the database # Region Step 1: Return XML strings from the database

Idea of Using ajax to implement ORM

Recently, Ajax has been quite popular. It seems like the savior of Web applications. It has not been able to speculate in the Web field for a long time. Now, I have finally found something to vent my passion. Although I personally don't think there

First try new. Net Ajax refreshing Technology

I have heard of Ajax technology for a long time. It is a very good thing in the legend. It is called "refreshing". In fact, it uses JavaScript on the web and uses asynchronous XMLHTTP requests to implement a refreshing web interface. Unfortunately,

Ajax cross-origin access-method Overview

Case I. Web proxy method (on server)   That is, the cross-origin access requests to website B generated when you access website a are submitted to the specified page of website a. The page replaces the user page to complete interaction and

Sharing carefully selected 12 excellent jquery Ajax paging plug-ins and tutorials

In this article Article I have collected 20 Jquery The Ajax paging plug-ins of the framework. These plug-ins provide detailed tutorials and demos. The emergence of Ajax technology makes Web The user experience of the project has been greatly

JQuery-based AJAX and JSON instances

Using jQuery's built-in AJAX function, you can directly access the background to obtain JSON-format data, and then bind the data to the pre-designed html template through jQuer, which is displayed directly on the page.Let's take a look at the html

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