Ajax self-study notes 01

Starting today, we have officially studied Asp.net Ajax. XMLHTTPRequest objectAttribute:NumberReadystate(Return Value 4 indicates completion)FunctionOnreadystatechange(Execute the callback function)StringResponsetext(Return string

Ajax core: XMLHTTP component-related technical materials

I. Remote Database Management Technology Remote database monitoring is an important part of modern Internet-Based WAN applications. First, let's briefly review the development process and methods of the remote database management technology on the

Ajax Error Handling Mechanism

The core component of the Ajax framework is the XMLHttpRequest JavaScript Object, which allows client developers to send and receive XML documents through HTTP without interrupting user operations or hiding pages. Now, some may be afraid because it

Accelerate your Ajax application

Source: Ajax data station Digg.com, which is known to surpass Slashdot, is a typical Ajax application. Its homepage uses the prototype framework and scriptaculous extension. A good idea is to collect statistics on the total number of bytes of

How to solve XMLHTTP garbled characters in Ajax (utf8, gb2312 encoding and decoding)

51ajax. comajax Forum There are two possible causes for form garbled characters when using XMLHTTP post form: Chinese garbled characters in post form data; and Server Response garbled characters caused by incorrect XMLHTTP encoding. In other

Ajax Network Development Technology

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a programming technology that allows Java-based Web ApplicationsProgramJava technology, XML, and JavaScript are combined to break the page overload paradigm. Ajax is not a technology, it is not a software,

Ajax basics: Implementation of classes in Javascript

Understanding the implementation mechanism of Classes In JavaScript, you can use the function keyword to define a "class" and how to add members to the class. All variables or methods referenced by this pointer in a function become members of

Cross-Domain Ajax request

Here are several solutions: In the Ajax application environment, the browser does not allow the XMLHttpRequest component to request cross-origin resources for security reasons. In many cases, this restriction causes a lot of inconvenience. Many

How to solve cross-origin problems in Ajax

With the help of Goole, more and more websites are using Ajax. Program There will be many problems, mainly including the following aspects: Cross-browser Problems Historical backend status problems Cross-origin problems

Ajax core object-XMLHTTPRequest object usage (1)

By Brett McLaughlin Most Web ApplicationsProgramAll use the request/Response Model to obtain the complete HTML page from the server. It is often a process of repeatedly clicking a button, waiting for the server to respond, then clicking

Analysis of Ajax controls and Class Libraries

Http://www.51cto.com Author: Kris hadloc Source: IT expert network Users' interactions drive the web site. Understanding how to process response information, especially when using new

Web years: top ten reasons for using Ajax technology

Source: csdn Top 10 reasons for using Ajax: 10. XAML, XUL, XForms... and so on. 9. Uncertainty in server technologies. 8. Web2.0. 7. Strong adoption by software industry leaders. 6. Integration with flex and flash technologies. 5. low

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, Asynchronous JavaScript + XML)

Ajax was initially proposed by Jesse James Garret of Adaptive Path. The working principle of AJAX is equivalent to adding an intermediate layer between the user and the server, so that user operations and server responses are asynchronous. Jesse

Cross-Domain Ajax request (extjs) implemented using SCRIPT tags)

In the Ajax application environment, the browser does not allow the XMLHttpRequest component to request cross-origin resources for security reasons. In many cases, this restriction causes a lot of inconvenience. Many colleagues have studied various

Ajax without refreshing pages (jquery + JSON)

Think about a project without any process, Most of them are some basic operations on data. I don't know if it's good to use the gradview of Asp.net. I can see that the online comments on this control are not very good. Let's talk about paging.

Ajax: plenty of room for improvement)

While Ajax has set the world on fire and caused a renaissance in user experience, it is not the best rich Internet application (RIA) technology available today. the technology, or "approach" as some like to say, suffers from serous problems. first,

Ajax security and Ajax Security Risks

Web developers will not notice the passion brought by "Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Creating smart websites like Google suggest or web-based applications like Gmail without effortProgramThis is largely due to this technology. However,

Ajax Quick Start-http protocol Basics

The key to understanding Ajax is to understand Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is used to transmit web pages, images, and other types of files transmitted between browsers and servers over the Internet. As long as you enter a URL in your

Ajax core object-XMLHTTPRequest object usage (2)

Challenge Asynchronization Later in this article, I will spend a lot of time writing and using asynchronousCodeBut you should understand why the last parameter of open () is so important. In a common request/response model, for example, Web 1.0,

Ajax entry (with full code) _ ax

Ajax is one of the technical features of Web2.0. After a long time, I finally have time to write it today. I am also in the initial stage. I have different opinions to discuss with you! The general process is like this. ① Create an XMLHTTPRequest

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