Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, Asynchronous JavaScript + XML)

Ajax was initially proposed by Jesse James Garret of Adaptive Path. The working principle of AJAX is equivalent to adding an intermediate layer between the user and the server, so that user operations and server responses are asynchronous. Jesse

Cross-Domain Ajax request (extjs) implemented using SCRIPT tags)

In the Ajax application environment, the browser does not allow the XMLHttpRequest component to request cross-origin resources for security reasons. In many cases, this restriction causes a lot of inconvenience. Many colleagues have studied various

Ajax without refreshing pages (jquery + JSON)

Think about a project without any process, Most of them are some basic operations on data. I don't know if it's good to use the gradview of Asp.net. I can see that the online comments on this control are not very good. Let's talk about paging.

Ajax Control Learning

123 I was learning an instance above. I wanted to learn and write down some things, but I found that it was better to write the records by myself. So I have time to record some things I learned during the summer vacation. Let's take a look at Ajax's

DOM objects in Ajax

1. getelementbyid (ID) Access an element through the element ID. This is a basic DOM method for accessing the page element, which is frequently used. For example, in the following example, we can quickly access it with the ID of the DIV,

How do web crawlers Capture web Ajax pages?

Ajax, that is, asychronous JavaScript and XML. Due to the JavaScript-driven asynchronous request/response mechanism, crawlers in the past lack the semantic understanding of JavaScript, basically, it is impossible to trigger JavaScript asynchronous

Causing Ajax failure

Today, encountered a very XX problem, depressed to death .... I wanted to add an updatepanel in the project today and refresh it in some places. I thought it was very simple to get it. The previous demo can be implemented... However, moving to

How to solve Ajax and URL rewriting 404 errors

How to Use Ajax + URL rewriting: Error message: 'sys. webforms. pagerequestmanagerservererrorexception: An uknown error occurred while processing the request on the server. The status code returned from the server was: 404. Add the following

Calendarextender control in Ajax Toolkit

Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> ASP: textbox runat = " Server " ID = " Textbox1 " Maxlength = " 10 " > ASP: textbox > ASP: imagebutton ID =

Synchronization during Ajax webpage running on Firefox

(From another person)   Synchronization during Ajax webpage running on FirefoxXMLHTTP. onreadystatechange = callback;XMLHTTP. Open ("get", qrstr, false );XMLHTTP. Send (null ); This was originally executed in IE.CodeIt seems that, in order to

) Understanding of synchronization and Asynchronization (Ajax Network Programming)

In computers, the concept of Asynchronization is often used. So what should I do with it? Here is an example:For example, I will call you to ask you some questions. After you receive the call, you say you need to check some information. At this

Some basic things used to rewrite Ajax

-----------------------Output JavascriptScriptmanager. registerstartupscript (updatepanel1, this. getType (), "", "setTimeout (function () {window. location. href = '#'}, 20); "+ htmltitle, true ); Solve the garbled problem of Clicking buttons on

Thoughts on button resetting-jquery & Ajax

Problem: Questions about resetting There is a type = "reset" button in HTML, which is used to indicate the status or value of the page element. However, in the following cases, its function seems to be ineffective. Scenario technology: Ajax &

Preliminary Application of Ajax. net

First, create a new project named ajaxpro. I use vs2005beta2. Right-click the site name and click Add reference to add a reference to the ajaxpro.2.dll we just downloaded. If vs2003 is used, add the reference to ajaxpro. DLL reference, and then we

Let google help you host the Ajax Library

Google has launched some library hosting services very early. Visitors can load these libraries from Google's servers to save server bandwidth. In addition, if a visitor has visited a website that has the same libraries loaded, the website will be

Spring.net Ajax asynchronous call to WebService Management (I) [original]

Spring.net has been added to the upgrade of old projects over the past few days, but many problems have been encountered, first of all, the injection of ajaxpro fails, which cannot be injected, spring.net does not provide proxy for ajaxpro like

. Net Ajax (4): timer and updateprogress

1 Overview Timer and updateprogress are two simple server controls included in ASP. NET Ajax Extensions 1.0. The timer control is used to trigger events on a regular basis, while the updateprogress control is used to display a progress bar for users

Conquer Ajax and JavaScript Object-Oriented Design

Javascript object-oriented Program Design I. Define classes by defining functionsFunction class1 (){Class member definition and constructor}Class1 is both a function and a class. As a function, it can be understood as a class constructor

Original, let your "ajax" request turn around and add the loading mask to "body" or "Div!

1:BodyLevel mask, entire pageLoad ........Effect! 2.:DivLevel mask, specific to a divLoad ........Effect! HtmlCodeAs follows: load   In this project, I discovered this problem,AjaxThe request is too monotonous.AjaxManually

Preliminary Research on Ajax-calling Web Services

Here we will first provide this Web Service: Using system;Using system. collections;Using system. Web;Using system. Web. Services;Using system. Web. Services. Protocols;Using system. Web. Script. Services;/// /// Summary of WebService///

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