FAQ about Ajax-Part I

Q: Does Ajax use still use a request/response model? A: Actually, your pages are still making request and getting responses. you 'are using a different approach in how you make those requests and handle the response -- now you use original cirpt to

FAQ about Ajax-Part II

About the script in my page: Ajax Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Q:Why do u create an http_request_check? What's the use?A:The object http_request_check is an object through which we send our request to the server side. and with the traditional

Use Ajax + J2EE to develop the organization management system 4

2) delete a person Deleting a person is also implemented by calling the deleteperson method in the org. jsp file. This method passes the deleted person ID. How to determine whether a person's ID is to read hidden IDs and scan the entire table to

Use Ajax + J2EE to develop the organizational unit management system 3

3) How to drag a tree and select a node // Mydraghandler re-specifies the parent-child relationship when dragging the tree node.Function mydraghandler (idfrom, idto ){VaR XMLHTTP = new activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");XMLHTTP. Open ("Post",

Use Ajax + J2EE to develop the organizational unit management system 2

Iii. Front-end page Encoding 1. Tree implementation Tree Structure is implemented on the web, which is also implemented through Ajax. Custom icons can be displayed on the tree, including insertion, deletion, and node. Nodes can be moved at

Use Ajax + J2EE to develop organizational unit management system 1

I. Overview Ajax is a new technology that came out earlier this year. It is short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a group of Web applications for development.ProgramTechnology, which allows the browser to provide users with a more

Quick Start to Ajax. net

Now the project is ready to use Ajax, with ajax.net implementation, rather than atlas, so first look at ajax.net, Ajax. Net now the latest version is ajaxpro5.11.4.2, is: www.schwarz-interactive.de First, create a new project named ajaxpro. I

Use the Ajax () method to interact with the background

The Ajax () method is the underlying Ajax Implementation of jquery and loads remote data through HTTP requests. 1 $. Ajax ({ 2 Type: "Get" , 3 URL: "handleajaxrequest. Action" , 4 Data: {paramkey: paramvalue }, 5 Async: True , 6

Preliminary Ajax exercises

Slave Http://ajax.net/ Download a compressed package. Txt Of Quick Usage Guide And one Doc Of Ajax. Net wrapper Usage Guide And DLL . Well, look.TxtFirst. Learn aboutAjaxSteps for development: 1. Create a reference in the projectAjax.

Use Ajax + J2EE to develop the organization management system 5

Vi. Implementation of Background Data 1. data structure definition Here, we mainly have three tables. One is the organizational structure table, the other is the person table, and the other is the orgperson table. The organizational

Passing class objects between JS and server in Ajax

I found a write problem when I wrote an Ajax file today. I will share the following with you. To make JS object-oriented, but without defining the class structure, I defined an Ajax method on the server side and returned an empty object, such as

Ajax framework jquery usage

Query is another excellent JavaScript framework after prototype. It was created by John resig in early 2006 and helps simplify JavaScript and Ajax programming. Someone uses this analogy to compare prototype and jquery: Prototype is like Java, while

Ajax implementation using jquery + JSON

In the process of using jquery + JSON, I did not notice a small problem,ProgramThere are always errors. I found many JSONArticleBut it is basically a simple example, so I think it is necessary to write a complete example of jquery + JSON to

A simple example will show you how to unveil the secrets of AJAX

This article uses a simple example to illustrate how to use Ajax technology in ie6. In this example, the client retrieves a random string from the server every 10 seconds and automatically updates part of the page without refreshing the page. The

Pure Ajax example: Reading data

Ajax-only example: Reading data Name: Test: Result:

Ajax. Net asynchronous call

When a project encounters a call to the controlled end, it may sometimes experience network latency. Using ajax.net asynchronous call can improve user experience ..... In fact, the principle is very simple... can be divided:1. server side:1)

Basic Ajax writing and common jquery writing

C # The basic Ajax writing method is now using jquery's Ajax function, but do not forget the basic writing method.   // Manager page  

Ajax status and readstatus

The readystate attribute has five possible values: 0: (not initialized) The send method has not been called1: (loading) The send method has been called and the request is still being processed.2: (loaded) The send method has been completed, and the

IE7 jquery Ajax failure caused by a comma

Under IE7 The reason why jquery Ajax fails in IE7 is that there is a comma in the highlighted area, and you can remove it. Other browsers are not affected. gtnndie JS Code: Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter

When Ajax. dll is used, the script error "ajaxmethod undefined" is thrown"

There is no problem on the test server (Operating System 2003 + IIS6), and there is a script error in the formal environment (windows2008 + iis7.0) The key lies in the problem of IIS. Note the following: (1) Register ajaxmethod: Protected void

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