My understanding of Ajax principles

The principle of AJAX is that the foreground data is transmitted to the background through the XMLHTTP object through javascript. After receiving the request, the background transmits the desired result to the foreground, in this way, page sending

How to read sessions in Ajax User Controls

When Ajax is used in a user control, besides [Ajax. ajaxmethod (Ajax. httpsessionstaterequirement. readwrite)] Mark, directly using session to read is not acceptable, need to useHttpcontext. Current. session ["key"], probably because:Directly write

Use ajax to provide JavaScript Performance

All JavaScript classes consist of the following four parts: fields, property, method, event; Fields and property are both value pairs, but field can only be basic type, and property can be of any type, including basic type and reference

Ajax resource Summary

ASP. NET Ajax (development code Atlas) important reference resource big collection   English website Http:// or Needless to say ASP. NET Ajax Official Website: Needless to say ...... Official

How to implement multiple Ajax extender controls in an Ajax extender Project

Refer toCodeOrganization method to adjust the Organization Mode of custom Ajax controls in pqsys. Although there is only one control, it will inevitably increase in the future and there will be only one unified rule, to facilitate code addition and

Read terreylee Ajax entry series 2-Summary of scriptmanager

One of the functions of scriptmanager is to process partial updates on the page. For this, I think everyone knows. But what is his working principle? I will not answer this question from the front. Let's take a look at this. Currently, Ajax

Preliminary Research on AJAX

Ajax is the most popular nowadays. It's vanity and vanity that the customer wants to use it. It also satisfies my curiosity. After a lot of searching and filtering on the internet, I would like to recommend a better one. Ajax. Net wrapper. I don't

Analysis and Solution of Ajax ie cache Problems

Recently, I made an Ajax-related function. The goal is to generate different welcome languages based on different login statuses of users, as shown below: When the user logs in, it will show: Hello, come again! If the user does not log on, it

85 Professional Ajax solutions (figure)

ArticleDirectory Ajax auto completer Ajax instant Edit Ajax menus, tabs Ajax date, time, calendars Ajax interactive elements Ajax Developer's suite Enhanced Ajax Solutions Ajax forms Ajax grids, tables Ajax

. Net uses Ajax technology to achieve no-refreshing paging (beginner)

In. net, there are many solutions to achieve no refreshing paging. The example I wrote mainly uses the Ajax principle to implement a non-refreshing paging (in fact, I don't think this solution fully uses Ajax technology ). Here we will use stored

Dynamically display the number of strings in the text box (Ajax entry applet)

First, add an HTML page. Code As follows: Html > Head > Title > The first Ajax small in ASP. NETProgram Title > Link REL = "Stylesheet" Type = "Text/CSS" Href = "../CSS/main.css" />

Struts2 Ajax support-Dojo

Reference: struts 2 Ajax support (1) Struts 1 does not have any Ajax support at all, while webwork provides some support through some Ajax labels.One of the important changes from struts 2.0 to struts 2.1 is the change in Ajax support.The

Ajax study note 2 (Role of onreadystatechange)

Initial contactOnreadystatechangeI have read this article about the usage of the event handle.ArticleAfter the introduction, you will have a general understanding. After a request is sent, the client cannot determine when the request will be

Ajax: use the latest version.

Recently, many users have used this method when asking questions about Ajax application in IE. Code : XMLHTTP = new activexobject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP "); I won't check where the code was copied, but it is problematic, at least it is outdated

No component Ajax

  Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> VaR XMLHTTP Function Checkname (STR){Createxmlhttp (); VaR URL = " Default2.aspx? Name = " + STR; // Submit to processing page

Ajax. dll usage

1 download Ajax. dll Import 2 Registration classes and Methods Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Public   Partial   Class Default2: system. Web. UI. Page{ Protected  

Ajax controltoolkit-Accordion 1

  1. Introduction to accordion controlsThe accordion control is a web control that provides multiple display panel versions. It can only display the content of one panel at a time. It has multiple foldable panel versions and can only expand one

Ajax controltoolkit-popupcontrolextender 3

Popupcontrolextender is a component that can control the popup vector. It does not generate a popup control. Its function is to control the popup vector, such as panel, div and so on, and get the return value of the control in the popup vector, and

Ajax ControlToolkit-AlwaysVisibleControlExtender2

Alwaysvisiblecontrolextender is a very simple component that can be used without coding. You may not know what alwaysvisiblecontrolextender is, but you must have seen a floating advertisement floating on both sides of the webpage and rolling along

Microsoft Ajax teaching Series 1: scriptmanager controls

This article is about translation. Xiao QIn the previous article, we introduced partial page refresh through simple small examples. In this article, we will introduce the attributes and methods of scriptmananger, one of the most important controls

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